Random Food Review - Canoodling!

22 June 2011

As I was flipping through Time Out KL last month, I suddenly saw the one '$' sign next to a restaurant. In Bangsar Village II. Really? I thought everything in Bangsar is over-priced.. Hmm.. What else was left to do but to check it out? =)Miss Jov and I went in first and were quite impressed with the whole ambience of the place.. We especially liked how we could draw on the 'tablecloth' with the crayons provided, which we promptly did as soon as our orders were taken.Like little children, I know

Jov ordered Red Curry Duck Confit Noodles, which is, according to the description on the menu: Charcoal noodles topped with Thai-styled red curry with lychees, finished with a whole crispy duck leg & fresh basil.
And yes, the noodles looked like this:
*wrinkles nose*
I did not like. Jov did though.. Haha.. And the duck was really nice! =D

I ordered Lam Mee. Because I am boring. And because I had never tried Lam Mee before. Also because my other option was fish ball noodle soup, a thought that was met with an I-will-smack-you look by Jov. Nyehehe..
This is "succulent poached prawns & shredded chicken in a thickened chicken broth, served over yellow egg noodles". Other than the fact it had bean sprouts in it (yuck), it was really delicious!! Definitely recommended. =)

Then Adrian joined us, and proceeded to stuff his face with the Dan Dan Mein.
Hmm.. Adrian said he'd give it a 6/10. It's worth a try, but maybe you can tell me what you think.. =)
Handmade noodles tossed in a peanut buttery spicy szechuan sauce with minced chicken heaped with curly cucumber & crunchy peanuts.

All in all, I think I'd give the whole experience a 7/10. The ambience is great, it's not too expensive (see below for prices), and the food is really not bad (for most of you. I'm just a really fussy eater. ;p) I'd definitely recommend it, as next up, we're going to their sister restaurant, which is right next door: Res米aurant! (For those of you who dont read Chinese, 米 means rice, which is what this place serves, as opposed to CaNOODL(E)ing!! ;p)

Red Curry Duck Confit Noodles RM13.90
Lam Mee RM10.90
Dan Dan Mein RM11.90

Where have YOU eaten recently that you think is a must-try? Drop me a comment and let me know! I am always game for food!! =D

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