My last day in the Pearl of the Andaman!!

9 October 2011

Ok, what better way to complete a way overdue blog post about Thailand, when I'm sitting in my hotel room in Cambodia? Lol.. Don't make sense? It's ok. It's only cz I finally have time and thought about this as I'm lucky enough to be on another holiday! So before I can blog about Phnom Penh, I better finish blogging about Phuket, right? =) (Hey! Two P's! =D)

Anyway, our last day was a short one, as our flight was an afternoon flight. We woke up, and went to the mall down the road, Jungceylon, planning to have a look around and have breakfast. Unfortunately for us, the mall only opened at 11am!So we went into the one cafe that was open, where Ray, insane as usual, decided to order a mango ice-blended for breakfast *rolls eyes*I ordered proper food:Tom Khaa Gai, which, according to the menu, is "boneless chicken simmered in lemongrass, galangal, lime leaf, chilli and fresh coconut milk finished with fresh lime juice, chilli oil, and a side of steamed rice".

Yum! This cost 100Baht.

Then we walked around the mall. It was just normal, but what surprised me was the cosmetics counter was actually significantly more expensive than in Malaysia! I asked about a couple of things at Kose and Lancome, and the difference was about RM100! =/

What was fun was the gun simulator shop though! =) How do you like me like this?? ;pThe guns actually gave me quite a sore shoulder for a while! And they're not even real! Pfft!

We also, upon the insistence of Ray, got our photo 3D lasered into a cube. It was quite expensive, but I cant quite remember how much.. It's a great souvenir though!Notice how it looks like we're looking at different directions just by a tilt of the cube? It's 3D from all sides!

A last lunch at our hotel before setting off for the airport of course included one last bowl of tom yam for me! Nyahaha.. Obsessed? Maybe. Don't judge unless you've had it! ;p
This virgin pina colada was heavenly as well.. *happy just thinking about it*Ray was boring, and had a club sandwich.. Haha..And that was it! The end of our Phuket adventures.. We had an amazing time.. And to be honest, I cant wait til our next one! But before that happens, I'll keep you posted on Phnom Penh! I'm here alone, meeting with my friend Katherine though this time, so a different journey awaits!

Til next time!

PS: Just a fun fact - I didnt see one cockroach or rat while I was in Phuket!! So Malaysia, work on it! ;p


  1. Some very delicious looking food there, someone brave must have stood in front of the gun to take the photo! A.B.

  2. It WAS good food, I loved the food in Phuket.. =) The gun photos were taken by one of the staff members.. Hahahah..