The People Who Made My Phnom Penh Trip An Amazing One

17 November 2011

I guess I should really introduce the team properly before I go on with the Phnom Penh posts huh? =) Just realised I havent mentioned them properly.. Haha.. So here they are! Ready for fame guys? Lol.. Please say hi to -

Katherine - The reason I went to Cambodia in the 1st place! =)

Random fact: Kat is a fussy eater just like me!

Daryl - The team leader; Totally random!

Random fact: Daryl can come up with the random-est rhymes on cue!

Eddie - The psycho. 'Nuff said.

Random fact: Eddie writes as well!

Espie - The big-hearted grandma who overcame the odds; Hilariously funny!

Random fact: Espie's real name is Esperanza!

Jeannie - The doctor; Always up for a song!

Random fact: Jeannie is originally from Penang!

And our Cambodian hosts -

Kimmy - The translator; Heaps of fun!

Random fact: Kimmy LOVES ice blended coffee!

and her brother Singly - The tour guide; Never a dull moment!

Random fact: Singly likes K-Pop! (Yes, K-Pop is big in Cambodia too!)

And there they are! The small but larger-than-life group I had the honour of spending a week with.. A week that was over way too fast! =) Will be writing more about our adventures soon, so watch this space! ;p xxxxx

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