Too Racy? Oh Lola!

10 November 2011

I'm all for censorship and protection of children (and women in general, for that matter) etc, anywhere in the world, but in a country that does not even ban nudity/sex on TV, aren't they taking this a wee bit too far?

The U.K.’s Ad Standards Authority has ruled that the latest ad for Marc Jacobs' newest perfume Oh, Lola! is too provocative, and, after just 4 complaints, has banned the image from appearing again.

Here's a look at the ad:
Ok, I admit, maybe the bottle isnt resting in the best of places, and she does look pretty young, but honestly, before the ban was mentioned, did you see anything that made your mind fly to other places? She's wearing a decent dress, has tights on so not even her thighs are bared, and she just looks like she's leaning back, relaxing, holding an oversized perfume bottle on her lap! That's all I (and a slew of internet commentators, lol) see - a girl holding a perfume bottle! This makes me think that the people who complained just have their minds in the gutter. =/ I dont find this ad the slightest bit sexy even.. Don't you think you have to be looking for it to actually see it in such a perverted way? Hmm.. Actually, I dont think it's a very good photo at all, but who am I to judge ey? ;p Even the mention of the inappropriate flower on top of the bottle, well, every Marc Jacobs perfume bottle has a flower on top!

But who cares what I think, what do YOU think? Drop your thoughts in the comments box, I'd love to know! =)


  1. I did not think anything dirty at all... I must be really innocent ;)

  2. Pretty decent Marc Jacobs fragrance ads!

    Nothing wrong and those who banned it are something wrong with their mind.


  3. Haha.. Glad to know I'm not the only one then.. ;p Have just been in discussion with a guy on my page who thinks it is suggestive.. So let's see what anyone else has to say! =)

    Meitzeu - Just followed your blog! =)

  4. The actress is Dakota Fanning (I had to look it up as how would I know otherwise?!!!) ... if it had been done on or after the 23rd of February 2012 it wouldn't have mattered, it's that she's under 18 and where the bottle is which creates the problem. What is happening here though is that it will create more publicity for the brand which I'm sure they are well aware of. A good topic for to speak...the word prurient is very pertinent in situations like this! A.B.

  5. Haha.. Yes, it is.. Oops.. Forgot to mention her name in the post.. Lol..

    Anyway, yes, but they were saying that it is because she LOOKS underage, and I dont think she's suddenly look that much more mature even after she turned 18 in a couple of months? =)If you google Marc Jacobs' other perfumes, there are more provocative ones than this one.. Though I do agree they maybe should have considered her age before shooting this.. IF they knew what this would be interpreted as.. Which so far they deny..
    PS: I had to google the word 'prurient'! Lol..

  6. I don't know a lot about recent movie stars so I nearly always get them confused, I hear the names but knowing what they look like is a different thing. It's an interesting word, I always though it's applicable to the tabloid press being constantly interested in scandal. Censors must watch this stuff and claim not to have a prurient interest in it!

    Stanley Kubrick is again involved indirectly here it was his film Lolita which featured Sue Lyon as a "nymphet" who attracts the attention of Humbert Humbert (that's his name!). Sue was only 14 at the time yet looks older, she's 65 now! it was controversial in 1962 and it still is now. It was done again in 1997 with Jeremy Irons. A.B.

  7. Haha! I read the wikipedia slot on the book last night, a friend sent it to me.. When I saw the name Stanley Kubrick, u immediately popped into my mind! ;p

  8. That's amazing, there's an interview that someone recently posted (on YouTube) with Sue Lyon, very rare, she explains why she stopped acting as well. The marvellous thing about YouTube is it has made it so easy for people to share things from their private collections. alasd.bai (a few more letters than a.b.)!

  9. Haha.. Yea, youtube is awesome.. And so is wiki! Lol..
    A few more letters? Hmm.. ;p

  10. Some more great photos, I like the Ajako Watanabe picture especially and the g-rise photography close up, whilst I'm on the subject the photo in the long dress in front of the Independence Monument and the great smile in the cafe and crafts picture are something special as well. A.B.

  11. Haha.. Thank you so much!! =) I'm glad you like them..