Hennessey V.S.O.P. Privilege Collection NYX Launch

9 January 2012

First partay of 2012! And all courtesy to the Chan family! (Shoutout to Heidi, Mandy, Chloe and Adrian Chan - woohoo..!! ;p)

A by-invite-only launch party, the 3 sisters won tickets and were nice enough to let me in on the action by sparing me one! =D They registered at the Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection NYX Concept Space which was at the East Atrium Entrance of Mid Valley Megamall, where they collected their goodie bags which were limited edition bottles of the new Hennessey! The bottles are so pretty! They come in platinum and ultra-violet, and give you a surprise under black light! ;p

We were all given white gloves which were our "entry pass" into the "secret location". Space-age dressed ushers were positioned every few metre away to point us in the direction of the club, which turned out to be Bianco @ Vertigo Club, The Gardens!Upon arriving at the entrance, we were asked to take a group photo.It was suggested that we were white, as the club would be equipped with UV lights, so that's what most of us did!

The first thing to greet us as we entered the club, were glow-in-the-dark tattoo booths, where we all got "tattoos" in different places:
As we were in the middle of the club near the bar, we didnt get to see the start of the launch.. =( It was jam-packed! Plus, I cant exactly see over anyone's head, can i? ;p
We did get to see the models on the podium beside us though, so that was good!
Unfortunately, I still dont know who the emcee was that night, but she was pretty good!The DJ however.. Well.. Who doesnt know of DJ Blink? He's only one of the top DJs in Malaysia! And I can see (or rather hear) why! =DAnother good thing about our position at the bar was.. Camwhoring! Haha.. We got to take loadsa pix with the huge pretty bottle! =)I swear, it's bigger than my head!! I have to say, the drinks were really good! Even for a non-drinker like myself, I could taste how smooth the liquor was! There wasnt an overpowering alcohol taste to it either, and the cranberry ones were yum! As it was free flow from 8.30 - 10.30pm, someone had (more than) one too many! Not saying who, but.. Nyahahaha..!! Call this my revenge! ;pCheers everyone!

So that was my 5th day of the new year, how's yours so far? =)


  1. eh i think i saw u at the event :)

  2. This looks like a great night!!!! Hope you saved one of those pretty bottles for me.... :) M.O.M.

  3. Henry: Really? What time did you leave? =)

    Mom: Unfortunately, even I ddt get a pretty bottle.. =(

  4. oo i was there too :) nice writeup XD