My Christmas 2011!

10 January 2012

In anticipation of not receiving any presents on my birthday (until I get home and make mommy buy some, that is!), I decided to cheer myself up with a blog post of the wonderful Christmas I had, just 3 weeks ago! =)

Oliver and i woke up to our stockings, as we do every year. But this year, as (obviously) we dont have a fireplace, nor bed posts to hang them on, they were very nicely hung on...My wardrobe doors! Haha..Sneak a peek...Ta-daaaa...!! =)

Then, fast as lightning, we woke dad up and turned our attention to...
The pile of presents just waiting to be ripped in to! =DNo tree this year, so my bedside cabinet had to do.. ;p No space for a tree in my room in KL!

I was very happy with my pressies this year! I felt so spoilt! =D Wanna know what I got? Come on, you know you want to! =)

From mommy and daddy
Yay..!! Been wanting this for almost a year! =D Was recommended by.. Wait for it.. The girl at the SK II counter! Lol.. It must be good! ;p
As I couldnt take a nice picture of this mascara, here's the print ad for you to check out! =)
A Korean cardigan bought from KK.. =)

From Oliver, cz he knows just what I want! Woohoo!! =DFrom Adrian, who as usual felt the need to prolong the process and insert the element of surprise.. Lol! ;p
Eau de Parfum! =D

From Jovanni, who also came over for Christmas dinner! =DAnd last but not least, from S'mal! My first designer piece! =DGroup shot! ;p Thank you so much everyone! And I hope you liked your presents too! =D

All the excitement sure got our tummies growling, so while all this photography was going on, mom was in the kitchen whipping up a traditional Christmas breakfast! Yum!Bacon, cocktail sausages, fried eggs, bread, baked beans and tomatoes.. Ahhh.. Yes, dad was really hungry! ;p

After a little rest *burp*, it was time to get ready for dinner! Yes, festivities are all about food right? ;p So we went out to collect the turkey (which we bought on Groupon). The turkey was great, but the sides were barely enough for 2 people, let alone the 5 that was promised.. Hmm.. Luckily, Adrian had an oven, so mom also made some roast pork, and (omg yay!) ROAST POTATOES!!!! =D Yum yum yum yum yummy!! Jovanni and Adrian supplied the drinks (Calista wine = sparking grape juice ;p) It was the first time I actually really celebrated Christmas with Jov or Adrian, so it was great! =)

How was your Christmas? Filled with joy and love I hope? Do tell some stories! =)


  1. YOu sure did well for pressies this year ;-) lol ... sounds such a lovely christmas too. Almost as good as mine ;-) Yes, I had a fantabulous! time too. It was ... yessirree!!

  2. I have heard it is the year of the dragqueen?

  3. Yes! I had a great Xmas this year.. =) And CNY is TOMORROW!! Year of the Dragqueen.. LOL!!! =D