Another one off the checklist!

11 March 2012

And another one into my list of blog posts I have to share with you guys! =)

Just wanted to let you guys know, I probably wont be updating for at least another week.. I have a good reason this time too..

I'll be in HONG KONG babyy..!! =D

Anyone have any tipson things to do/see/eat, please do drop me a comment, and hopefully I'll have internet access to check in time! =)

See you soon!


  1. It's probably changed a bit since 1977 when I was last there, the man at the hotel told us to be careful using the electric iron as we might black out the whole of Hong Kong.

    I bought an abacus.


  2. I am not impressed ... none of my stuff is on your "awesome" reads list on this page.... sigh ... never mind ...

  3. Hahahahahaha.. A.B.! ...
    Yes, I dont think electricity is a problem anymore, judging by the lights that light up the city at night! I didnt buy an abacus though.. ;p

    Anon: Who is this..? Hihii.. I dont really update my good reads list.. ;p