Fashion and Fun - Shopaholics Bazaar 2012

26 April 2012

Organised by Pretty.Wild.Diva., the 2nd annual Shopaholics Bazaar was a hit! Organised by self-confessed shopaholics Beverly and Charlotte,
the bazaar which was held at Palm Square, Centerpoint was so much fun,I cant wait til the next one! Not sure if I'll have anything to sell, but hey, I guess something will come up? ;p

I shared a booth with Melanie, Meitzeu, and on the last day, with Beverly.
L-R: Beverly, Meitzeu, Melanie and me!

We were grouped with a bunch of crazy girls, and the three days were such a laugh!
We Love Things owners and sisters Maxine and Olivia (in white)

I sold a lot of my pre-loved clothes, and some clothes and accessories that were left over from Ebony, a boutique I used to work at.
Everything was going cheap, but I made enough to cover the rent and food for the days, so I'm happy enough.. Haha.. The main thing was to clear my closet and storage space, for more clothes? Quite possibly! =D Leaving unused clothes to rot is such a waste, especially as a lot of them were new!

Of course it wasnt all sell, sell, sell - we all spent a lot of time shopping as well! There was some amazing stuff available, and I had to control myself from looking too closely at some of them.. I must say I'm VERY happy with my purchases though! =D
I think nearly all of us in the group bought one of these feather hair extensions.
They're so cute! I love it!

They were from the stall next to ours, Accessories by Roupa. =)
Group photos with the Roupa girls!

Got these seriously cute phone plugs from Ooh La La,
RM25 for both 

and this maxi dress from Edgy Confection.
RM35 from RM70! (It's just a snap I got my mom to take at home, be nice! ;p)

A group shot with the owners and friends of Ooh La La and Edgy, who also happen to be ex-schoolmates of mine! =D
L-R:Sing Yee (Edgy C.), me, Yvonne, Rui Jing, Sharon, Winnie and Niu (Ooh La La)
Towards the end of the night, I also bought this lovely Topshop knitted dress from Glamorous Beauty Shop. Plan to wear it on the beach over my bikini. =D
The vendor, Lizz was so sweet: She gave me a HUGE discount, from RM45 to RM20!!! =D I was over the moon!! What a bargain!!
Met one of my facebook friends Maguro - she's so nice!
We talked about random things for a while then bullied Shariff a little.. Hahaha.. ;p
Kinda regret not taking any photos of some of the booths.. Hmm.. Oh well, there's always next time I guess! I need a better camera though.. My old Canon compact camera isnt really good.. Sigh..

Note: All links lead to the individual fb pages or blogs of said person. Take a look, I promise it'll be fun! =)


  1. wow nice event ya haha really suitable for those self-confess shopaholics. =p

    1. Trust me, I was definitely one of the ones who DIDNT buy a lot! ;p

  2. Look great! kinda regret not able to go there, hope there is more in the future :)

    1. Well, a little birdie told me there may be another bazaar being organised in a couple of months.. So let's keep our fingers crossed ey? =D

  3. im so jealous! but thank god I wasn't thr.. hahaha im impulsive buyer!

    1. Hahaha.. It was very hard to control myself.. But you would've loved it!! =D

  4. I missed this year Shopaholics Bazaar. Looks like the event was even more exiting from the previous one. :)

    1. Of course it was - I was there this year! HAHAHAHAHA... Kidding, kidding! ;p