The Arrival of The Super GT Queens in Sabah!

1 June 2012

The day the Super GT Queen team arrived, I was almost late meeting them at the airport! Totally forgetting it was Friday (prayer day for Muslims, and I had to pass by the mosque), the school holidays, and, as someone told me, pay day, the traffic jam was crazy! Luckily the plane also landed later than my schedule said, but not 5 minutes after I arrived and met the MNE Productions team Audrey and Jocelyn, they were here!
Look at that guy's face! Hahaha..
The girls getting their welcome briefing. =)
Then, they were whisked off to their cars for lunch, at Wishbone.
One of the cars sponsored by Aragaya Automobiles.
Judge Kenji Chan poses with a Mitsubishi Triton
Wishbone is one of the oldest restaurants in Kota Kinabalu, and serves their classic chicken rice, from chickens they rear on their own farms, so you know it's always going to be fresh!
Oops, a bit blurry, but here's a group photo with the bosses of Wishbone!
Yum yum Look at that chicken rice.. *smacks lips*
Smile real pretty n I'll let you eat.. ;p

These quirky signs are all over the upstairs of the restaurant!
One last group photo before we make our next pitstop!

Volkswagen KK is the main sponsor of the East Meets West event, so it's only appropriate that we spent some time at the spanking new showroom in Inanam!
The girls with Super GT Queen organiser Tina Fong, Volkswagen Marketing Exec Donny Doughty, and East Meets West organiser Mandy Nandu.

Each finalist was presented with a small token from VW KK.
Posing with Volkswagen cars for the photographers
Chief judge Lavin Seow giving some advice to the girls.
Lavin, me and Tina!
2 locations since the Super GT Queens landed in KK.. And it's only 4pm! But the day is nowhere near over, as the girls head to Tg Aru for some beach time, followed by dinner, then hitting the club! Keep reading.. =)


PS: More photos on my facebook page HERE.


  1. GT girls.. interesting.. i wonder how much they earn :)

  2. Haha.. These are the finalists for the competition.. I doubt they earn anything yet.. =)

  3. waaa ... their schedule so busy ;-)

    1. Yeah, the first day, there wasnt even time to breathe! ;p But it was fun though.. =)