Congratulations to the WINNER of 2 x Grandstand tickets to the SUPER GT races and SUPER GT QUEEN finals!!

7 June 2012

Thanks so much for your likes/follows and comments! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, and I'm sure the Super GT Queen finalists were excited to see their names as your favourites!
Wonder who these belong to..? ;p
So, after using to select the lucky winner, I'm happy to announce that,

drum roll please,

the winner is YUNNY YONG...!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you enjoy the two-day event, and please, please, please do take lotsa photos, I wanna see..!! =)

Just a little info for you on the not-to-miss programmes:
04.30pm  SUPER GT QUEEN - Finals
06.00pm  Saturday Night Dance Festival
And of course the SUPER GT final race of 46 laps on 10/6/12, 3.55pm!

***To collect your tickets, please send me a comment with your email address (I wont publish) so I can email you the details of when and where to pick them up. =)


PS: The Super GT tank top contest is still up for grabs! I thought about it, and I think we should do this one a little different, dont you? So, whoever can correctly guess the winner of Super GT Queen will win the tank top! If it's a tie, I shall again use to choose.. Unless you wanna battle it out another way.. Hihii..!! So keep those comments coming in, I'm so excited for the finals! =D


  1. congratz to the winner too! :D

  2. Aww lucky her..! Haha congrats to the winner.. Enjoy the show.. :)