Fun in the Sun, Beautiful Italian, and lotsa Chocolate!

3 June 2012

If you havent, read the first part of the day HERE! =)

Bringing anyone to Sabah wouldnt be complete without letting them have fun on our famous Tanjung Aru Beach would it? So that's just what the Sabah organizers did:
The girls with the sponsors' banner.
Camho time! ;p
Getting ready for some fun beach bikini shots!
Photo credits and more photos: TJ&CO
Credits - TJ&CO
And I almost forgot to say! Besides blogging, I was also asked to do the broadcast for the video of the tour.. It was out of the blue, so hopefully it'll turn out ok.. TJ got a photo of my funny face though!
Cheif judge Lavin also got some sun time!
Me with my media badge =)
We were sponsored some nice citrus beverages by Aru Bar, and boy were we happy to quench our thirst! It's really relaxing outside of the bar, nice comfy sofas, a great view of the sea... We even went back after the event! =D
After the girls had had their fun, there was no time for rest as we had to conquer the jam back down to Gaya Street so we could get back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. The team was staying at Jesselton Hotel, the oldest hotel in KK, and where the oldest bartender in the world works!
Aji is 84 years old this year, and has served VIPs such as Queen Elizabeth II and Muhammad Ali! =D
Dinner was at the hotel restaurant, Bella Italia, and specially served by Chef Leo. Before dinner however, I bumped into fellow KK blogger Angeline Ong, who blogs at Everyday Food I Love, and you can read her post HERE. Accompanying us for dinner was Mr Anthony Jang, who is the Marketing Director of JWPK Holdings, our main organizer.

To start off the night, our emcee Clarvie gave a speech, before passing the mic to judge and creative director Kenji Chan to say a few words of thanks to the sponsors.
Clarvie from MNE Productions
Kenji thanking the sponsors.
The girls listening intently to the speakers.
As the night was all about them, the girls were then asked to give a brief introduction about themselves.
Pauline addressing the crowd.
Then, the much anticipated dinner was served! We were served a special menu, with 3 choices:
1. BBQ Chicken with Corn Cole Slaw, Butter toast, and baked beans
 2. Bombers BBQ burger with fried egg, Beef Bacon and coleslaw topped with Cheese accompanied with Fries
 and the one I got:
3. American Chilli Dog with cheese and french fries
 Everyone was happy with their meals, and mine was delicious! I finished every last bit on my plate! And wanted more, but I was a bit too full.. Hahaha.. ;p
Enjoying their dinner: Julie, Charissa, Pauline and Victor.
Strike a pose: Erica, Cath, Lily, Mico
Yummy yummy! Roselyn, Yumi, Rice, Cookies.
After filling our tummies, the girls went upstairs to get changed for the night out. Our next stop was Chocolate Factory, one of the hippest clubs in KK.

Located in KK Times Square, Chocolate Factory is regularly packed to the point of bursting. Currently with the resident band Elev8, the people of KK party it up and dance all night, and with the anticipation of the Super GT girls, the club was so full you could hardly move.
Me introducing the arrival at Chocolate Factory to the camera. ;p
There were modified cars from Team MGOC outside the club for the girls to pose with:
Cookies, Erica, Julie, Victor
Rice, Roselyn, Yumi, Cath
Group photo with representative from Chocolate Factory management.
Julie looking sexy!
Yumi is really into the music.. ;p
The girls all having fun! =)
The band, Elev8, from the Philippines.
Self-introduction on stage.
The girls performing a rendition of Justin Bieber's "Baby".
Male singer of Elev8 helping the girls rap Ludacris' part of the song!
Look at those monkeys at the back! ;p
Tina Fong, organizer!
KenjIIIIII....!!!! =D
Lovely Lavin!
The girls all signed the banner before leaving, just like superstars!
So now for some really exciting news for you guys! The organizers have generously offered 2 GRANDSTAND Tickets worth RM100 each for the upcoming Super GT races on June 9th! To win these, all you have to do is either follow this blog, or like my fb page if you dont have a blogspot/Google account (or preferably, both!), and leave a comment telling me who's your favourite for the winner of the Super Gt Queen title, who will represent Malaysia in GT Japan 2013 and why! You can comment on this post, or the upcoming posts regarding the East Meets West tour, and I will choose a winner using on 6th June, 10pm. The winner will be announced on my blog and on my facebook page, and tickets can be collected from their office in KL (I will provide the contact information to the winner).

For those of you who arent able to go to the race, dont worry! There's something for you too! I will mail an official Super GT black tank top (size XS) to the winner if they cant go to the races, and choose a second winner, also by, to win the tickets.. =)

So what are you waiting for? Follow, like, and comment now! There's only 4 days left..!! =D

Good luck!


  1. wow! all look so pretty! :D

  2. Calista!!!! Wow.... u look so delicious in the blog . hahaha.... by the way, miss u and Sabah so much. hope to visit you all again.. =) cheers

  3. Of course! Represent Malaysia to Japan, dont play-play! ;p

  4. Tina!! What delicious!! Hahahaha.. Missing you and the team too.. =(

  5. A well organised event it seems ;-) The lucky contestants got to see so much of beautiful Kota Kinabalu. Really hope that they enjoyed themselves. Good to follow your blog with all the news about the Super GT Queen ;-)

    1. Oh it was! And they really had a great time.. Hope I can let everyone join in the fun, if only just by words & photos! ;p Check out the videos on my latest post!

  6. i think Cookies should win becoz shes different from others, the way she dance look energetic + confident at stage. good body posture and sweet face.. yeay!! that my opinion n i hope Cookies will be next Super GT Queen to represent M'sia.

  7. In my opinion Erica should win because she has cute dimples and a great smile, won the talent contest, and because she's my guess as to who is going to win, heh heh. Good luck to all the ladies though!