Kg. Poturidong, Tamparuli welcomes Miss Earth Sabah 2012!

24 June 2012

Part one & two, hit the links! =)

Waking up after a very satisfying nap, we got out of the van, and into the rain again. At least the weather seemed to be having fun.. Hmm.. Very Tamparuli style, our first order of duty was to cross the suspension bridge over the Kiulu river to reach our last destination of the day - Kg. Poturidong.
Even cute lil puppies dare to cross the bridge! =)
The people of Kg. Poturidong were so welcoming, and even though we'd been delayed because of the rain, they were still warm and generous and all smiles! They had set up an area where the datuk and datin told us a bit about the area and how they have taken measures to protect the environment around them, especially the river, where they have Red Zones where it is prohibited to catch the fish.
We even had a welcome performance which could be heard all the way across the river on the road up the hill! =D
Datuk giving a short speech
Group photo in front of Kiulu River.
They had also prepared a buffet style tea time, with all different varieties of their traditional food.
Anyone know the names of this food?
The ubi leaves were nice.. (The blackish thing, top left)

Fresh coconuts after food! =)
Then we went to the river where we got to experience first hand what it's like to feed the friendly fish!

It's actually the resident 'fish spa', as when you hold the fish food provided in cute bamboo holders in the palm of your lightly clenched fist, the fish will come and suck at your hand! It feels weird at first, but it's actually quite fun! The girls were also told to try catch a fish with their bare hands, and Affy actually did! =D
The risks of being an official photographer.. Hahaha.. Poor Radzie..
Fish food!
This is how you feed the fish while getting a hand massage...
... And this is how you catch a fish with your bare hands and reward it for being caught! No prince appeared though...
Yes, those splashes are all fish.. The kg. folk decided it would be a great experience to throw fish food at our legs! ;p
 We were then told we had to get out of the river, as the current was coming down fast.. True enough, a few minutes after we'd got out n on to the next activity, which was tree-planting, the river had risen and looked very angry..
According to one of the guys I asked, the river becomes a very muddy colour when the currents start racing, and you shouldnt go near a river after it has been raining for safety purposes.
Planting trees near the river.. But not too near! =)
 Two cute little girls dressed in the traditional Kadazan outfits then proceeded to hand each finalist and Olivia a rose each.. So cute!

In return, the girls did a casual sumazau dance with the young (future Miss Earth?) girls, to the beat of my gong!
Ok. Maybe not just MY gong.
Cz that expression says it all: I have no idea what sounds are coming from this thing!
Since it was getting late, we all then bid our farewells to the lovely people of Kg. Poturidong, and made our way back over the suspension bridge. I think everyone but the driver slept the whole way back to Sutera Harbour! It was a long but exciting day, and though we all enjoyed it, everyone (ie me) was happy to have a date with their bed that night.. =) I actually got home, fell asleep straight away at 8pm n didnt even twitch til 4.30am, when I woke up n had to rush n do some stuff before leaving for another day! ;p



  1. the fish spa is fun right??? haha

    1. Seriously feels weird at first, but then it's fun.. Haha.. Although one of the girls did get a fish that sucked too hard and left a red mark on her thumb! Lol!

  2. HEHE... Good Stuff happening !