Miss Earth Sabah 2012 spends a day in Tamparuli - 1st stop? Zip Borneo!

21 June 2012

So although the finals have come and gone, I dont think there's any reason you need to miss out on the fun the girls had throughout the week! The funnest day of all, of course, was the day trip to Tamparuli! It also had to be the only day it poured it down, and the day weird clouds caused a news outbreak in Sabah!
Credits to www.facebook.com/nikalilah
Yes, we saw them on the way up the Tamparuli hill at around 7.30am.. Scary! =O Not to mention it was a really steep hill!

Our first stop was for an adrenaline rush - Zip Borneo! Making good use of nature's beauty without damaging it, Zip Borneo is an outdoor adventure centre with views of Mount Kinabalu, the lush green jungle and the Kiulu river. You can actually whizz across the river and back again with a double zip-line experience, a total of 320m of zip-line experience! First though, you'll have to get harnessed up and face your fears by climbing the 18m tower!
Alex, expedition manager of Zip Borneo giving a short briefing.
All harnessed up!
Zul's legs were shaking as he climbed the stairs to the tower...
...do you blame him? ;p
It's not just the contestants who have all the fun!
The beautiful scenery
And there I go!
...and come back!

 'Hanging' out and having a little chat with Alex (who only just noticed my presence! *cries*)
Fruit n cool water bottles for when you need to be refreshed!
Cassie from Hitz KK joined us too! (And yes, she's painted as a French flag..)
Of course, zip-lining, or the flying fox as it's sometimes called, isnt the only activity available.. There's the high ropes, which are 16 metres in the air!
How good is your balance..?
Olivia - Flying without wings
Xandria Ban - the all-new Spiderman
 Another activity you could have a go at to overcome your fear of heights (a little extreme, but hey! ;p), is abseiling! All you have to do is scale down a wall 18 metres high!
It's not that high up!
Tatiana looking very proud of herself!
After a very exciting (and lucky, since the weather cleared up for us!) morning, it was time to say our goodbyes as we had to 2 more stops to make before the end of the day!
Group photo and a certificate of appreciation!
The rain started almost immediately after we left, and this proved to be a pattern all throughout the day.. Everyone was hungry after the energy used at Zip Borneo, so it was off to Rumah Terbalik for lunch! But you'll have to come back tomorrow for that story.. ;p


PS: You can visit Zip Borneo's web page at www.zipborneo.com for more info on rates and location. Their fb page is linked above. =)


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    1. It WAS!! Wish we had more time though.. I would've tried abseiling.. ;p

  2. wow you are so brave to play all those! =DDD

    1. Haha.. Well, I dont have a fear of heights, but a couple of the others did, so kudos to them! =)

  3. owh gosh! u guys look so pretty and sporty there! :)

    btw, do u mind checking out a video? its for my group assignment one. also, its my first time acting. Do hit 'LIKE' and Comment on the video itself as it will affect the final marks please support!

    1. Thanks girl! I've liked n commented dy.. Good job! =)

  4. This place looks awesome!!!! sa mau pigi cuba... if i can try this out with that many lovely ladies lagi la best! :D

    Latest in room8five: Genting Highland and Zouk KL

    1. Hahaha.. Well, cant promise you the ladies, but I definitely agree you should go try it out! ;p

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