Super GT Queen East Meets West - Shanghai Night

6 June 2012

What, you think handling 12 pretty girls is easy? Tina's exhausted! ;p
The launch of Emperor's Delight on Gaya Street, or more accurately, Jalan Pantai, was called Shanghai Night, and we all dressed in cheongsams for the occasion, even Tina and I!
Notice it starts from the model pose, then goes into "yo buddy!" ;p
Ribbon cutting ceremony with Mr Anthony, Mr Nova and Mr John.

Emperor's Delight is one of the best places in town to go for la mien and siu long pau, I actually go there quite often with my parents! It's just opposite Suria Sabah, visible from the main entrance. =) Then, it was dinner time, and boy did the food look good! It was all spread out in front of the wide kitchen window where customers can watch the chefs doing their thing:

Pineapple rice, Apple salad, Siu Long Pau, Steamed Chicken, and sliced pork.. Hmm..
Siu Long Pau - Meat dumplings served hot with gravy inside. My fave!
A waitress serving Custard Buns...
...Which I proceeded to bite into and get custard on my white cheongsam.. =.=" They were so good though! *salivating*
Some of the guest; n no, I didnt make them pose! ;p
Julie looking stunning, posing for food in her little black cheongsam.
The 7 chefs of Emperor's Delight.
 One of the chefs gave us a demonstration on how to make la mian, and they really mean "pull" noodle!(Direct translation of 拉面(la mian) is "pull noodle" ;p)
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make 'la mian'!
Master chef showing them how it's done..
Then the girls tried their hand at making siu long pau, separating themselves into 2 teams, and racing against the clock to make as many as possible. Catch was, the losing team would have to eat a wasabi-filled siu long pau each! =O
Team 1 full of concentration...
Looks of relief from Team 2, because yes...
Team 1 made less, and thus...
Sorry Julie, I love you but this photo is priceless! ;p
"Gimme that water..!!" Hahaha..
Yumi taking it like a champ! =)
Nova, operator of Emperor's Delight and Wishbone being a sport and eating a wasabi dumpling too!
Team MGOC were there with their hot, hot cars again, and the girls had a good time doing a little photoshoot.. Here's a group photo with the drivers:
Lucky guys! ;p
 As I mentioned in earlier posts, I did a bit of hosting for the video that will be on the website too:
Short interview with the chefs.
Talking to the 'big boss' of Emperor's Delight. =)
There were also 2 other bloggers covering the launch, Tom and Maureen.. You can see more photos from Tom HERE, and please read Maureen's posts HERE and HERE.. It's well worth it, I promise you! =D (And I think maybe I should get a little photo lesson from Maureen.. How do you make those collages?? Hmm.. ;p)

After all the excitement , we still had more to come! Off to Ice Bar, 1 Borneo we went!
Having fun in the VIP room.
Cheerful and bright as they say hi to the cameras!
Cookies introducing herself on stage.
Singing and dancing their hearts out to Justin Bieber's "Baby"!
And that's a wrap! Well, it's not a movie shoot so.. Let's call it a night? Lol.. Or however you wanna say "we-then-left-and-went-back-to-the-hotel-for-some-beauty-sleep-as-the-girls-were-meeting-the-Miss-Earth-Sabah-finalists-the-next-day-for-a-fashion-show"! ;p

As a couple of people have mentioned they cant see the videos on my previous post, please do go to my youtube account HERE, if you cannot view them either.. =)

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  1. enjoyed the photo editorial ;-)

    1. Thanks! There's more to come - covering Miss Earth Sabah next.. =)

  2. My money is on Julie to win.... She's very pretty!!!

  3. wow all wearing cheongsam! =DDD

  4. Looks fun..! N the food looks so good..! Will have to go try it..
    Wish I could have attended the Final.. :))

    1. I wish I could've attended the final too! I heard it was a grand one.. =) The food at Emperor's is really, really good.. I may do a review sooner or later, so stay tuned! =)

  5. I had the single worst experience there. Never got the taste of the food because the food never came. I brought my Mom there to have a nice meal. We ordered our food. We waited for 40 minutes but the food never came. There was no activity in the kitchen. I went & ask the waiter to check our order. Instead they told me that the food had been served to our table. I pointed at our empty table & ask "Did you see anything on our table?" Then the waiter ask the chef & all I could see is his hand gesture & said "Tiada." We left the premise. I will not go back to that restaurant ever again.

    1. Hmm.. That sounds like a nightmare.. My parents n I go quite often but fortunately have never had to go through that kind of situation.. Maybe you should give it another try - the food is nice, I'll be writing another review on them soon! =)