Super GT Queen: What do the judges say?

9 June 2012

After introducing the girls, asking them how they see themselves, getting them to describe each other and the competition, I think it's time we heard a little from the judges, dont you? =) I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to talk to two of the judges, Kenji Chan and Lavin Seow, and two of the organizers, Tina and Darren. Here's what they had to say:

Kenji Chan
On Super GT Queen: "The Super GT Queen is an ambassadorship, not a beauty pageant. The winner will be representing a brand, which is the GT cars and race, and they must know how to entertain and command an audience. Super GT Queen is not about being sexy; it's about being fun, friendly, energetic, and sporty."

The experience so far: "The finalists were picked from 100s of hopefuls, some were very pretty, but unfortunately did not have the right criteria for the competition. Out of the 12 finalists, there are definitely a few with potential, especially after orientation and the improvement from some of the girls has been tremendous. Some of the girls who were lacking potential at first - maybe only pretty faces - have gradually improved on their attitude problems. The judges, trainers and organizers have been there to guide them, give constructive criticism, and praise them whenever needed or deserved. I personally interviewed them one by one to understand their strengths and weaknesses better."

On what would make a good Super GT Queen: "The winner of Super GT Queen should have good, healthy skin, be sporty, friendly, fun to be with, and interactive. Definitely not just a pretty face or a hot body."

Lavin Seow
On Super GT Queen: "Super GT Queen is a great platform for the finalists to move on to the next step if they plan on becoming public figures, as it's an amazing opportunity for exposure, good training, learning how to communicate / deal with people, and all this is necessary in the real world. Beauty is not only in a person's appearance, but it comes from the inside; good charisma and humility are 2 important examples of how a person is more attractive."

The experience so far: "There were so many girls who came to audition, and from 100s we chose the 12 we thought had the most potential in embracing the role of a GT Queen. I hope the 12 finalists appreciate the journey they were chosen to take as there are so many others who would jump at the chance to be in their shoes. A total transformation? Maybe not yet, but I do hope that we will see the embodiment of an ambassador who can represent Super GT in Japan during the finals."

On what would make a good Super GT Queen: " A Super GT Queen should have the proper mindset, willing to learn more and apply their newly acquired knowledge, especially when dealing with the public. Just because they are young, it doesnt mean they can be ignorant or naive, or make silly mistakes. I wish them all the best for the finals!"

Comments/views on some of the contestants: 
   Victor - She's standing out, but lacks self-confidence. Still room for improvement.
   Yumi - She has a very good attitude towards things.
   Charissa, Mico and Pauline - These 3 definitely stand a good chance, and are suitable for this industry.
   Julie - This little lady knows what she wants, but is still very young, with a lot more to learn.

Tina Fong: 
Comments/views on some of the contestants:
   Julie - Julie has changed a lot since the 1st audition, especially her attitude, as in the beginning she came across as unfriendly, unpunctual, and always needed her friend to come everywhere with her. After getting into the semi-finals though, it was like she was reborn. She has done a total 180degree change and has become one of the most likeable contestants. We are all happy that she appreciates our guidance.
   Lily - Initially Lily did not stand out as much as some of the other girls, but we have noticed her hard work. She may not be the best dancer or the best on the runway, but she is always on time to classes and slowly but surely her character is starting to come through.
   Pauline - Happy-go-lucky is the perfect term to describe Pauline. Although this is a good thing as it makes her fun to be around, in the beginning of the competition, she was always late, sometimes up to 3 - 4 hours! After advising her about unity, the consequences of her actions on the whole team, (and the implementation of a RM200 penalty!), she has been on time to every activity within the competition.

Darren Choo: 
Comments/views on some of the contestants: 
   Julie - Has potential. Very outgoing, outspoken and active.
   Mico - Her outlook is very outstanding.
   Pauline - Very photogenic, willing to learn and well-behaved.
   Victor - Very elegant, well-suited for beauty pageants.
   Erica - Talented, but needs to be more grounded.
   Yumi - Cute, tries her best to show her potential, especially during stage performances. 
   Cookies - Sporty, tanned and very active.
   Roselyn & Cath - They have potential, but have yet to let their true characters shine through.

So that's what they think, but who will be the reigning Queen this afternoon? The finals are at 4.30pm at Sepang, today! Tell me who you think should win before the results are announced, and you might win yourself an official Super GT Queen tank top! Drop me a comment asap! =) Are you watching the crowning? I wish I could be there! I'm so excited for them! GOOD LUCK BABES!!!!


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  1. Who is "Jolie" can you tell me?

    1. She's a guest judge from Taiwan I think? I dont know much about her.. Sorry.. =)

  2. Good luck to all the girls..! :)