Super GT Queens & Engine UP? Turn up the heat!

20 June 2012

Super GT Queen 2012 - Julie Tan!!
Before the grand finals of the Super GT Queen search 2012 (which Julie Tan won! Whee~!!), the 12 finalists heated things up at Overdrive, a full-range premium car service center in Kota Damansara, which is equipped with recreational activities and a 5 star lounge!

Greeted by the Engine UP ambassadors and staff, the girls were welcomed by Mr. Jon Phuah, the General Manager of Engine UP with a short speech, followed by a cocktail party.
Brand Ambassadors
Mr. Jon Phuah
It was a day of fun as activities like a scavenger hunt, to which the losing team had to dance to LMFAO's "I'm Sexy And I Know IT", a demo on some of the car services Overdrive provides, and a photo shoot had been arranged. To make things more exciting, the photos from the shoot were uploaded onto Engine UP's facebook page, and the finalists with the most votes walked away with the Engine UP Miss Popularity award during the finals. The winner?
I'm guessing this is the Sexy dance? ;p
Pauline having a go at changing a tyre.. Hmm.. Not going so well there, babe? ;p
Said Mr. Phuah, "EDSYN (M) Sdn Bhd (the global distributor of Engine UP and main presenter of Super GT Queen 2012) does not practice the conventional methods of A&P in our line of business. We will continue to incorporate our brand and invest in various events in Malaysia."
How could we end such a great day without a group photo? =)


  1. woot woot sexy girls! i actually kind of like cookies but the way she talk a bit nervous...

    1. Haha.. Obviously a lot of people like Cookies too since she won Miss Popularity! ;p I'm sure after winning 2nd place in Super GT her confidence will go up, n hopefully those nerves will disappear.. ;p