Super GT Queens meet Miss Earth Sabah

9 June 2012

So we've finally arrived at the final day of the East Meets West tour, and of course, as always, we've saved the best for last! 12 beauties had you satisfied? Well get a load of this! In this post I'll be featuring the TWENTY FOUR beauties of Super GT Queen and Miss Earth Sabah! =D

Before the fashion show that brought them together, the Super GT Queens did a market walk in batik from Olumis Boutique, at Gaya Street. One of the girls mentioned that it was like Petaling Street in KL, until she found out that the variety in Gaya Street is a lot wider, especially as we have lots of pets! ;p
Group photo with Natap Photography at Wishbone after breakfast.
The girls looking pretty in their batik - which they tied themselves!
Rice & Cookies - Paparazzi shot!
Roselyn taken by a Persian cat...
I like this one! A photo of Tina n Darren, organizers.
Lavin - hungry? Nyahaha.. ;p
The puppy likes Yumi! =)
Charissa likes pretty beads...
Air tebu cools you down on a hot day!
Persian Cats love her too!
Roselyn n Yumi trying out traditional instruments...
Yeah! We had fun! =D Now where's the shade...
Group photo back at the hotel lobby...
As a GT Queen, do you think you have time to rest? Nuh-uh! It was straight to Suria for these girls to get ready for their fashion show! Backstage was hectic as all 24 models rushed to get ready for the part 1 of the show: Olumis Borneo Batik House, Sabah's Ethnic Batik manufacturer & distributor.
Miss Earth Sabah - Affy in a colourful design
Miss Earth Sabah - Carolren shines in silver
Miss Earth Sabah - Daphne in yellow, Frederica in pink
Miss Earth Sabah - Xandria in yellow, Deidre in stripes
Miss Earth Sabah - Isabelle in white, Grace in pink
Miss Earth Sabah - Joanna in purple, Hui Ching in grey
Miss Earth Sabah - Christini in my fave design so far.. =)
Super GT Queen - Mico looking bright in yellow
Super GT Queen - Lily stunning in blue
Super GT Queen - Yumi cute in pink
Roselyn elegant in white
Super GT Queen - Charissa blooming in brown
Super GT Queen - Erica looking colourful
Super GT Queen - Victor exotic in orange
Super GT Queen - Rice stands out in orange
Super GT Queen - Cath alluring in yellow and orange
Super GT Queen - Pauline beautiful in green
Super GT Queen - Julie regal in blue
Super GT Queen - Cookies sweet in red
For the second part of the show, the girls had on sexy dresses from Divana Couture in Lintas Station, and I LOVE all the dresses! I'd never be able to fit in them, but they're GORGEOUS!! =D
MES - Affy Jackleyinda Entawin
MES - Carolren Vinnie Yong
MES - Daphne Fay W. Santor
MES - Frederica Fabian Peter
MES - Deidre Ann Walker
MES - Isabelle Ng Yuin Yuen
MES - Grace Chang Siew Ling
MES - Xandria Ban Kah Yee
MES - Chan Hui Ching
MES - Joanna Marie Faurillo
MES - Christini Loo Ai Ling
SGT - Victor Yong & Charissa Chong
SGT - Lily Kon & Mico
SGT - Yumi Meiki & Roselyn Woon
SGT - Erica Chan & Cath Lim
SGT - Rice Hing & Pauline Koo
SGT - Cookies & Julie Tan
Of course, no fashion show is complete without beautiful gowns - wedding gowns to be exact! The Miss Earth Sabah girls came out first:

Followed by the Super GT girls once more:

Last but not least, a group photo for all the 24 beauties! =)

Since this is already a super long post with trillions of photos, the Volkswagen and goodbye will be in the next post!

Although the Super GT finals are today, stay tuned to this blog as I'll be doing a feature on the winner, and also be bringing you day-to-day updates on Miss Earth Sabah, right up until the finals on 16th of June! =)



  1. how do i find out more about divana couture's dresses?

    1. Hi there! If I'm not mistaken, they have changed their name and are now available on =)

      Hope it helps!