Super GT Queens say goodbye to Sabah, but not without Volkswagen memories!

10 June 2012

Time does fly when you're having fun! 3 days, numerous activities, and suddenly you're standing in the airport waving goodbye to them group of people you've spent 3 whole days n nights with! Sigh..

Directly after the fashion show (post HERE), the whole team bundles into the Aragaya cars one last time to go to the LCCT. Outside of Suria though, a little surprise was waiting..
The new Volkswagen GTI Convertible!!! =D I WANT ONE!!!!!! Isn't it just so pretty..? *sighs dreamily* Bet it's got an out-of-this-world (well, my world, LOL) price tag too.. Hmm.. =(

Another Volkswagen car I saw during the roadshow might be more attainable though.. Hihii.. N no, I have no plans to buy a car yet, but look first can or not??? ;p What do you think of the Polo Sedan? I heard it's new, n it's in KK! =D
1.6l 105PS petrol injection16-valve MPI engine with 6 speed auto transmission with Tiptronic.
Comes with 15" alloy wheels, chrome finishing, halogen headlights and green tinted heat absorbing glass.
4 air bags, ABS system, anti-theft system and height adjustable drivers seat.
2tone anti-glare dashboard, adjustable genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel, and multi-function display.
See? I sound so smart right? All you need to do to be as smart as me is do days of research online. Or, if you wanna be lazy, just go to any Volkswagen showroom (the one in KK is in Inanam) n pick up a brochure, like I did.. MUAHAHA..!! ;p Oh, n if you're even lazier than that, their website is Sheesh.. Need me to give you everything? =P I can give you one more detail though, and this one really rajin of me - the price of this model right now is RM102,888, I asked! =D Now, anyone feel like getting me one? Christmas is only 6 months away.......

Anyway, after taking the photo with the GTI, the team took a group photo with the transport sponsor - Aragaya Automobiles.

 Pauline got herself a really cute guitar at the airport as a souvenir:
Julie and her cute luggage!
 Then it was time to say goodbye..!!
=( I miss you guys already!!
 And that was the end of an exciting 3 day event! Hahaha.. The results for the winner of the Super GT Queen are out today, so I'll be posting up a feature on the winner asap!! Stay tuned!


PS: The Miss Earth Sabah posts are coming up really soon!


  1. and i miss u too darling!! come kl okie???

    1. Haha.. Hopefully will go there soon.. Will let you know babe..!! Hope you're doing well over there.. xxx