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22 July 2012

To my surprise, I got an email the other day from a fashion website called Friendly Fashion, asking whether they could feature me as one of their Wonderful Women Bloggers. I said no.

Duh! Of course I didn't! When a Digi Wwwow Award winner asks whether they can feature you, it's such an honour you'd be stupid to say no! Lol.. (Yes, I feel very proud of myself now, and if you are not proud of me then you are not my fwen! ;p) Click HERE to see the entry!

A bonus for taking part in this campaign is the fact that I have now found an awesome fashion site that specialises in pre-loved clothes (all my friends will know I'm not usually the blogshop kinda shopper, so I dont really know many good sites for shopping).

What makes Friendly Fashion unique though, is that they are a community of fashion lovers, and not just a store. Other than selling, members can swap clothes, accessories, bags, shoes etc, and they also organise competitions for their fans to win their favourite items!

A relatively new site, Friendly Fashion is the brainchild of sisters Nadzirah and Diyana Hashim, and was born only 5 months ago. Already loved by 37, 677 fans and counting, the Hashim sisters bring their members daily fashion trends and event info, and interact with everyone on a daily basis in the site's forums, where you can discuss anything, from what to wear for this upcoming Raya, to just introducing yourself and making friends with another fashion junkie! From hair styles to makeup, the latest styles and colours, all the info and photos you need to satisfy your fashion cravings can be found on the page! (And judging by my wardrobe, I think the fashion tips will come in pretty handy.. ;p)

So, for those of you who have a wardrobe full of clothes that you no longer wear at home, why not just log on sell, swap or give these items to others on Friendly Fashion? Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure! The girls have made it real easy for you to sell or buy too. Basically on the home page itself there will be a gallery of the newest items for you to browse, so if something catches your eye, grab it fast! Just click on the I WANT tab, and you'll be able to communicate with the seller from there. You can also 'like' that person so other people will feel safer buying from them!

To sell, all you have to do is click on the Submit Item tab, and load your photo and info into a pre-set template! Much easier than trying to sell it on your blog or facebook, and then trying to invite the whole world to view the album. On Friendly Fashion, the whole world is already there! Well, at least nearly 40, 000 of the Malaysian population.. ;p

Best part is, you know how you never know what you're gonna get when you shop online? You see a gorgeous dress on a blogshop, wait for it for weeks to come in the mail, excitedly tear of the wrapping paper to that parcel and.. Disappointment. Wrong colour, wrong size, wrong length, doesnt suit you, bla bla bla. So what do you do? Throw it to the back of your wardrobe and write it off as a waste of time, money, space and tears? No longer! Post it up on Friendly Fashion with more precise info that you can now give, and voila! Money back to try your luck on the next gorgeous dress that pops up on your newsfeed! ;p

So instead of yapping on and on and on, here are the details you need to get started:


*While your at it, go like me too at and if you havent already! =)

What are your thoughts on pre-loved items? What is a yes and what is a definite no-no? Drop me a comment letting me know!



  1. My my... congrats on being featured and I'm not really a blogshop person too =.=

    The concept kinda cool tho... swap, sell and giveaway...

    1. Thanks Daniel!! I'm not surprised your not a blogshop person though.. LOL.. ;p

  2. Congrats on being featured, wonderful woman :D

  3. whoots wonderful women! congrats! and i must say you are really gorgeous eventho you have heard a thousand times! haha

    1. Haha.. Aww.. Thanks for thinking so Henry! *blush*

  4. The batman shoes caught my nephew's attention. Was reading this post and he said "I want!"..hmmmmm