Goodbye Little One, You'll Be Remembered Always... =(

11 July 2012

13/6/2012 - 9/7/2012

3 and a half weeks. Not nearly long enough, but definitely more than enough time for me to love you.

The only male within the 5 puppy litter.

The only one with so many spots, and the biggest black patch above his eye.

My favourite puppy from the moment he came into the world.  

I hope you know, I named you Leopard, because you remind me of a snow leopard.  
I miss you. And I'll never forget you. 

A fleeting second,
and you were gone.
Grabbed from my life, 
my heart was torn.

As the tears rolled down,
the screams became whimpers.
Nothing changed,
not a sound you whispered.

To hold you again, 
to watch you grow.
I'd give the world,
I miss you so.

I'm sorry,
I wish I was there more for you.
I hope you know,
how much I love you. 

Now all that's left,
is your memory.
I hope you're well,
no matter where you may be.


  1. aiyooooo so cute! so adorable! i wanttttt :(

  2. karen williams11 July 2012 at 03:51

    aww calista wot happened..he looks gorgus.n the only boy..thinkin of u all..i didnt get 2 meet u leopard..but love u all the same :-( grt aunty kaz xx

    1. I know.. So heart-broken.. =( And he WAS gorgeous.. xxx

  3. Replies
    1. A horrible accident.. =( It can happen in a split second.. =(

  4. Cheers! Don't be too sad with it, is past tense already, just look ahead and keep only the happy moment, and u still have little Leopard right.

    1. Thanks Maxloon.. I'm just trying not to think of it and to make sure the rest of the puppies are safe and loved..

  5. Oh dear! I'm so sad to hear this. I understand your feelings cause I also lost two of my German Shepherds last few years and cried non-stop. These dogs are like part of our family, right?

    1. Yes they are! Even though just 3 and half weeks, he was like my own baby.. =( Sorry for your loss as well.. You must have been heart-broken too! =(

  6. :(((((

    Sorry for your lost Calista. :(

  7. Yerr make me wanna cry oh.. Looks so cute n small.. :(((((
    Oh n btw great poem calis. Really.

    1. I know right.. =( So sad.. And thanks.. I wasnt really thinking about it.. Was just so upset.. =(