Love BBQ? Love Steamboat? Beijing BBQ Steamboat to the rescue!!

19 July 2012

If you look beyond the stage and the traditional dances at the famous tourist spot, Kampung Nelayan steamboat in Bukit Padang, just a little to your left is a long corridor leading to a somewhat hidden delight - Beijing Buffet BBQ Steamboat!

Mr. Rikki Ooi, the operations manager of Silverrado Corporation (they also own Kg. Nelayan, Putera Theatre Ballroom, Jaws Seafood Restaurant and Waterworld) showed great hospitality as he told us that there were over 90 varieties of food to choose from, including the cooked food and also desserts! He also helped arrange the food on the hotplate as seen above.. Steamboat that's not DIY!! Hihii.. We're spoilt, we really are.. ;p
Mr. Ricky Ooi (white shirt)
Other than raw beef, chicken, fish, squid, prawns, crab, etc etc, there's also a few different types of marinated beef, chicken, fish, squid... You get the idea. ;p A huge selection of different fish cake, crab balls, hot dogs and other finger foods is also there for the picking..
Before the feast: You can choose to BBQ or steam your favourite food!
A few of the different meat types available: plain, spicy, non-spicy etc.
 Because the worst part of having steamboat is the waiting (much like watching a pot boil, it never seems to cook fast enough), Beijing BBQ also has pre-cooked foods like:
Nasi Lemak
6 types of noodles
Pickles and Kimchi
An array of dishes!
With a choice of aromatic Tom Yam soup or delicious chicken soup for the non-spicy lovers, the different tastes available for your tongue's pleasure is added with a crazy variety of condiments and sauces!
Yes! Fresh vegetables also available at the opposite end!
I told you there's loadsa sauces..!!

And of course, no meal is ever complete without - dessert!!
Sushi was put on the dessert plate cz when we went earlier it had finished, hihii..
Malay kuih, banana fritters, agar-agar (jelly), and man tou (fried bun).
I'd have to say, my favourite is the marinated beef.. I couldnt get enough! Also, if you go with the right person (ie someone who can peel your prawns and shell your crab ;p), I'd definitely recommend filling your plate with those!

For dessert, I'd definitely recommend the banana fritters and the man tou... Yum..!!

Some info on Beijing Buffet BBQ Steamboat:
 -- Participated in KK Food Fest 2012
 -- Price: RM30++ per person
 -- Address: Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. (Same entrance as Kampung 
 -- Tel: 088-231003/ 088-231005

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Til the next time I'm hungry!

PS: Thanks for reading my food reviews.. I know I dont have the most amazing photos out there, but I promise you I'll get better with each morsel I stuff my face with! ;p


  1. I remember I have this kind of steamboat + bbq before, which is very fun :D

    1. It is! I personally prefer it over plain steamboat, cz I love bbq more than steamed food.. Hahaha..

  2. wow the food looks so amazing. im so hungry right now :p

    1. I'm always hungry.. Hahaha.. Looking back at the photos, I'm hungry now too! =O

  3. Wow it's been many years since I last @ Kampung Nelayan, thanks for refreshing my memories

    1. Refresh the taste buds, not just the memory!! Muahahaha.. ;p

  4. damn, you really have gone through a lot of food blogging. Good for you! Do my part too! lol.. make sure you don't gain too much weight, babe LOL

    1. Hahaha.. This is nothing yet.. You should see my backlog! Lol! ;p

  5. You're welcome! Hope you enjoy the food!