Sometimes, the best things are hidden: Red Place, Towering

2 August 2012

Now, when KKians think of going for food, Towering in Penampang isnt usually the first place that comes to mind. But all that is set to change once word gets out about Red Place!

Together with a group of bloggers from Social Media East Malaysia, I had the chance to try more-than-your-average amount of dishes prepared specially by the hotel-trained chef, Jacky Tung. With a number of years' experience, Jacky has tickled the taste buds of patrons at Singapore's Mandarin Oriental, Rasa Ria's Coast, Nexus Karambunai's Olive, just to name a few.
L-R: Hayden, Jack, Angeline, Monica, ME!, Alfred, Melisa, Vincent
 The first thing that enchanted us was the decor, especially that one wall. I'm serious! Let me prove it:
Melisa totally fascinated by the gold, swirly wall! ;p
Then came the colourful drinks!
All smoothies and ice blended drinks only cost RM6.50 each.
From left to right, we had Oreo Frappe, Ice-Blended Lychee, Mango Smoothie, Blueberry Smoothie, Durian Smoothie and Strawbery Frappe. My fave was the Mango Smoothie (I know, what's new? ;p), but most of the others really loved the Durian. It's made with real durian flesh, but according to Hayden, "The taste isn't strong like the real ones."
Beer is also available from RM6 onwards
As for the food, it definitely did not disappoint! First up?
Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing - RM8.90
I'm not usually a salad person, but I really liked this one! The balsamic dressing tastes slightly vinegar-y, so I guess that explains it! The lettuce was really fresh, as were the tomatoes. Not being much of a cucumber or olive person, I didnt try these, but they sure looked as fresh as the rest! Comes with a slice of toast too!
Pan-fried Chicken Breast Salad with Mustard Orange Dressing - Rm12.90
Again, crisp, fresh lettuce leaves and cucumber slices adorned with juicy chicken fillets, this time flavoured by a tangy mustard orange dressing. For those on a diet, I'd say this is the perfect dinner choice!
Cheesy Mexican Tortilla - RM6.50
Thin slices of crunchy baked tortilla sandwich ham, vegetables and mozarella cheese. Definitely a must-try for cheese lovers! I'd personally order this for lunch if I didnt feel like having a heavy meal.. =)

Next up, pizzas!
Tuna Tomato Pizza
Salmon Pizza
My personal preference was the salmon pizza. Unique topping, and definitely tasty! The tuna pizza was ok, but personally I dont like tuna as a pizza topping. Pizzas cost RM9.90 onwards.
Beef lasagna - Upcoming menu, price tba
My go-to dish at any Italian restaurant, this lasagna was defintely up to standard. With just enough cheese, and not too dry, the cheesy taste combined with the tomato sauce was just delicious!
Spaghetti Pomodoro Mushroom with Crispy Chicken - RM13.90
The fragrant sauce was tangy yet sweet, and the chicken definitely lived up to its name!
Chicken Mushroom Au-gratin - Upcoming menu, price tba
"The Yin-Yang one!" That was what we were calling down the table when one of us wanted more of this dish. Definitely unique in its appearance, the juicy chicken comes with a cheesy and brown sauce, and is mixed with diced vegetables, giving it a slightly crunchy bite. Keep your eyes on the menu as this is yet another must-try!
New Zealand Striploin Steak - RM30.90
Medium Rare
Hayden's favourite of the night, this 250gms hunka meat was cooked to medium rare perfection, leaving the meat tender, juicy and even on each side. The gravy complemented the beef just nice, and coleslaw and mashed potatoes were just right. Made with Idaho potatoes and mixed with skim milk and cream, the mashed potato was creamy and smooth.
Lamb Chop - RM21.90
Served with mint sauce and topped with rosemary gravy, the lamb chop was tasty and tender. Also accompanied by coleslaw and mashed potato!
Salmon Steak 200gm - RM29.90
My favourite dish of the night! And I'm not usually such a big fan of salmon.. Hmm.. =D Called "The World's Best Norwegian Salmon", the fish was grilled to perfection, leaving the outside crispy and the inside flavourful. A firm, flaky texture, yet keeping the juiciness of the salmon, this fish was nice to eat, and nice to see! As soon as it was placed on the table in front of us, we were all exclaiming about the perfectness of the circular sauce, and the resemblance of a boat! Accompanied by its sea crew, the coleslaw and the mashed potato, I definitely recommend this.
Juicy Beef Burger with Black Pepper Sauce - RM14.90
Crispy Chicken Burger - RM12.90
Which cafe is complete without their signature burgers? =D The beef burger was my choice outta the two. Juicy handmade patty, generously buttered bun, a slice of yummy cheese and so much vegetables! I definitely couldnt take a whole bite, but I challenge you to fit this burger in your mouth! (Except for my brother Oliver. He can fit a Mega Mac in there. Crazy.)

The chicken burger was really crispy and again, definitely big enough to fill you up! Both burgers come with, what else, the must-have French Fries! =)

And when you're done with the food, Red Place ain't done yet! Delicious cakes from Flamespastry are also available to finish the meal with. We got to try 3 different types:
Carrot Cake
This was nice, as it was not only carrot, but pineapple and raisins as well! Definitely a good mix of flavours for the taste buds!
Classic Cream Cheese Cake
The little white chocloate man on top is so cute! I loved the texture of this one, and the base, as usual, was definitely a fave!
Banana Chocolate Cake
Saved the best til last! This was SO SO yummy!! =D I loved the mixture of chocolate and banana, and the sponge wasnt dry, nor was the cream too sickly! I'm definitely going back to get this when I have a sugar craving! *dreams*

So that was it! We all went home, very full, and very happy.. So next time you're looking for something different, hop on over to Red Place, and you'll be surprised you took this long to find out about it! =) They serve no pork, and were a participant in this year's KK Food Fest.

Specialising in fine dining, the talented chef now runs Red Place, and is also available as a personal chef for private parties, small events and also catering! A tailored menu guarantees the right food for the right occasion.

Red Place 红馆
Address: Lot 18 Taman Victory, Mile 4 1/2, Jalan Penampang, 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 12:00 am
Contact No: 088-710 762

Til the next time I'm hungry,


  1. I seeing this place almost everyday but I didn't knew it until I saw you all blog about it. It is just located opposite of my bf's house. Will go and try it someday =D

    1. Yes! Go go go! Salmon and banana chocolate cake, you wont regret! =D

  2. wowwww! so niceee! =DDD
    i see all the pretty girl and the yummy food!
    especially the girl name Calista and the food name New Zealand Striploin Steak! XD

    1. Henry, pandai you ah.. Hehehehe.. Come back for more ok? Hahahaha.. ;p

  3. Wow so many nice awesome food! I wonder how I can become slim and fit just like you if I am constantly craving for nice food like the above. :P Hope you are okay with your work currently. Don't boil your blood or else later high blood pressure. :P

    1. Hahaha.. Trust me, I'm not slim and definitely not fit! ;p I'm just small, so looks that way! Hahaha.. And I have gained weight since I started blogging about food.. Maybe I should start blogging about exercise.. I sure need it! ;p

  4. I agree with Melissa... totally fascinated by the wall... even just by looking at the pic. Hahaa.

    I never knew about this place before, so not updated.

    But when you said Towering isn't the first place that comes to mind when finding food, you are right. But you're wrong on Sundays. Banyak tu urang datang to the Chinese restaurant in the middle, opposite of the main road. Hehee.

    My family and I used to go there after church to have lunch.

    Oya happy Friday!

    P.S That was an awesome gathering you had with Daniel the other day. Hope to meet you in October ;)

    1. Hahaha.. The deco is really cool, yes.. ;p

      Okok.. Not when it comes to cafe dining.. Hahahaha.. I know that coffee shop kinda place.. Used to go there once upon a time with the family.. =)

      You know about the gathering? =O Hahaha..

  5. ZOMG LAsagna........ Making me hungry.. Evrything looks so good..! I wanna go there!!! :DDDD

    1. You big mouth you! ;p You're always hungry!! xxx

  6. I'll be going there when I'm back to KK!