B 2.0 - The Borneo Bloggers + New Media Dialogue!

10 December 2012

Described as "a gathering open to individuals who apply social media tools to their business and personal lives", I think we can pretty much agree that this convention is open to almost everyone today. As we learnt during some of the talks, who doenst use social media for business or personal pleasure nowadays?

Think about it. Can you name one person who isnt on facebook, or twitter, or Instagram, or hasnt ever even read a blog post in their life? Pretty hard huh. But most people dont think of the impact that social media actually has on everyday life. It may be a platform to play games, talk nonsense to your friends, but every time you log in to one of these sites, you are a member of the social media movement.

Organised by BorneoColours.com and ME Malaysia, a line-up of the who's who in the industry were set to share their experience and knowledge on how to maximise your online experience. After a welcoming speech by Daniel Doughty of Rapidea Solution, which is also part of BorneoColours.com, Johan Amilin then proceeded to lead everyone in an ice-breaking activity, which involved, uncooked spaghetti, string, and a marshmallow.
Daniel Doughty
Johan Amilin
I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes. Yes I managed to control myself and not eat that marshmallow. But only because I kept reminding myself that a lot of people have handled it. Hahaha!
I didnt technically participate in the task, which was to build the tallest free-standing tower using the spaghetti and string, with the marshmallow at the very top, but I was witness to the Sprocket booth's masterpiece which actually won! (After a discussion of sticking the marshmallow to the ceiling and other random ideas, lol!) They got to win packets of Kudat nuts, so it was all worth it.. ;p
Minho Kim, Team Sprocket's talented artist sitting back and admiring his work.
Head director of Team Sprocket, Tristan Lee Riven receiving his nuts from organiser Dinoza Mahruf.
After the activity, John of theNode found the bag of fresh marshmallows and allowed me to stuff my face. *grins*
L-R: Murphy, Thanis, @kkcity and Jack.
First topic of the day was the Rise of Social Media, a forum addressed by 4 prominent figures in Borneo's social media arena:
  • Murphy Ng from Sabah Tourism Board, who is also one of the top bloggers with his blog mysabah.com,  
  • Thanis Lim, one of the most influential food bloggers in Brunei (who can also cook up a storm!) and regular contributor to Breeze Magazine,
  • Top tweeter @kkcity, who is KK's very own information centre online, and
  • Moderator cum emcee Jack of everydayfoodilove.co, which is one of the most sought after food blogs in KK and KL.
Self moderation and censorship were 2 of the main topics that were discussed , along with questions like whether we should focus on the money aspect of it all, or blog mainly for passion. Obviously, if you blog for passion, your blog posts are more likely to get a better following, and money will come with it. The fact that social media can be used to promote a business, and rectify any problems arising in the business' PR was also a good note to be taken, as social media is slowly but surely taking over any other means of advertising in this new day and age. These social media experts also shared their knowledge on how to increase traffic to your blog / microblogs, with advice such as to build a larger network through conventions such as B 2.0, to be disciplined and more consistent with content (I really need to work on this, I know!), and to make use of hash tags on Twitter/Instagram, as well as using Search Engine Optimization (Note to self: Must learn more about SEO).

Reeda Malik @ Anak Brunei
Next up was famous Bruneian blogger Anak Brunei who shared some insight on image sharing on the web. Although it is easier to share your creativity with all these social media platforms nowadays, it is also way too easy to have these images stolen and reused without permission or any credit given at all!
Tristan of Team Sprocket, with team member John's character (created by Minho) on the screen.
Team Sprocket, Sabah's very first game development company comprises of team members Tristan (US), Minho (Korea) and John (US). They gave a presentation on how social media can be useful for gamers, the integrity of game journalists and how social media can promote an event / product easily, by just using a single social platform. Tristan got everyone to use Twitter and the hash tag #B2.0 to act as ethical game reviewers and give an unbiased opinion about Team Sprocket's upcoming game d├ębut: Shiftling, which is a Sabah-inspired fantasy game, after watching their trailer.

This was mine:
What dya think? Nyeh. Could be better. But 2 mins is all I had. Hahaha..
As it was John's birthday, organisers of Texpo Alvis and Dykstar decided to surprise him with a cake, and embarrass him with a birthday song - twice! ;p (I think we sang him the birthday song about 6 times throughout the day n night, just cz he doesnt like it.. Hahaha.. Feel the love? ;p)
John blowing out his lone candle..
After a lunch break with food provided by the latest burger joint in town, Bomber's Burger, the Nuffnang representative Sue-Ann took the stage to talk about the rise of mobile applications, and the latest Nuffie app - Nuffnang X.
Sue Ann gave a very animated and interesting delivery, which got Thanis and I downloading the app on the spot!
Small tricks from a big brand - DIGI!
My one and only loved (and I say this with experience) telecommunication company Digi, who was also one of the main sponsors of the event sent Tai KL all the way from (oh the irony) KLto show us some of the ways Digi has been supporting social media with hilarious TVCs and videos.. As we were running out of time, Tai suggested we skip some of the videos, but the crowd went crazy! The most memorable video was probably the Blackberry "Kiam Siap Berry" ad, and the online ghost social media video, which can still be found HERE!
Kathleen Lee from Microsoft introducing the new Windows 8
Acer, who are also the official partners of B 2.0, along with Windows 8 introduced the crowd to Acer's latest gadgets and of course, Microsoft Windows 8. They even had a competition for the creative bunch where participants had to draw / write something creative on a card given during registration, and everyone had the chance to give their favourite entry an anonymous "Like".
Congratulations to Hin Ching Chan, who won a brand new Acer Iconia Tab!
The winning entry, with all the glorious likes!
Last but not least, 2 accomplished film makers who got their start with YouTube shared some of their previous short films and some advice for budding producers/directors etc. Jared Lee from Grim Film (KL) and Moses Wong from FPS (Film Production Sabah) screened some of their work and answered any questions regarding each one. From big budget Sabah Hakka Style which cost a whopping RM60k in production, to RM50 top 10 finalist of BMW Shorties 2011 The Long Distance Relationship, these 2 young but talented teams are definitely a force to be reckoned with. I strongly recommend you click on the links above and check out their videos! I did - seeing as I couldn't totally see the videos at the conference (sad case of being too short). ;p
Now we're serious; Now we're not!
Semi-group photo of everyone involved!
We ended the day by going to Bomber's Burgers to celebrate John's birthday, then onto the after party at Firefly. Almost 24 hours without sleep, but damn was it worth it! So let me leave you with some snapshots taken before packing up:
Super talented and fun Jared Lee of Grim Film ya'll!
The always awesome Jack Baxter of Everyday Food I Love!
The one and only Tom Rungitom!
Another mixed (up) human being, Tristan Lee Riven of Team Sprocket!
Member of FPS Moses and Anthony! *does the sek mm sai move*
Daniel 'Sexy' Doughty from Rapidea (Yes, that button badge does say SEXY!)
Food King Thanis Lim!
When I see this photo of Sam n I, I am just speechless.. ;p
Dan, Faith n I - I love them!
"Team Sprocket shoot off at.." Oh wait. Wrong Team. ;p
Jonathan Chan from Canon Marketing. His camera is the size of my head! (And probably more expensive).
Anak Brunei & Anak Sabah!
Man of the day - Organiser Dinoza Mahruf!
Nuffnangers Charissa & Sue Ann! Much love girls!
Ta-da! Cant wait til next year! =D
Was so busy digging in at dinner, no one actually took any photos.. And the party photos, well.. Let's just say they're for another time...