MY FM My Muxic! KK's 2nd Birthday Bash was a Blast!

22 December 2012

Armed with VIP and Meet and Greet passes, Robin, Hayden and I made our way into the party of the year with some of the biggest stars in Chinese music!

Robin looking all smug in the VIP area with - gasp - mixed nuts! ;p
Definitely a pleasant experience viewing from the balcony, we enjoyed a good show with skits, music, dance performances and even games. Since I cant bring you the music, I'll do the next best thing and let the photos do most of the talking! ;p
Waiting for the show to start!
The lucky peeps in X Zone
The UMS auditorium was almost full! That means around 1000 people were there to have Fun 2gether!
Opening act - Skit by (cross-dressing) MY FM KK DJs Min Jun & Jin; and Hakka King Tian Long!
Celebrity DJs/Actors Jeff (Ah Hian), Mei Yan (Ah Lian) & Jack (Ah Beng)
A treat for the local scene! Orang Sabah Style burned up the stage with their hot dance moves!
Omg it's starting!! =D
Aric looked like a rocker! He's a really good dancer too!
Pink is actually from Tawau, Sabah!
1st game the artistes played with lucky audience members - fans had to write a 成语 (Chinese phrases) with a marker pen tied to a long stick, while the artistes guessed what the phrase was)
Finally got to spend some time with Mr Busy Bee Hayden! See you next year huh? ;p
张起政has some nice ballads..
Next up was the reason Robin wanted to go - Geraldine Gan!
She also sings duets with her best friend 趙潔瑩.
Robin was beside himself with excitement!
2nd Game - Guess The Song; Songs sang by a non-Chinese speaking guy, wearing headphones - totally LOLifying! Plus, 林德荣's partner from the audience must have been feeling faint cz he actually picked her up and carried her over the gate! ;p
Jane 黄美珍!I love her hair!
By far the ladies' favourite - Evan Yo!
"But I dont want it to be over!!"
Presented by Xpax, supported by Nuffnang, we got to take photos with the WHOLE bunch of performers!

More photos (and real time updates for future events) can be found on my Instagram, so dont be shy to follow me! User ID CalistaLeahLiew =)

*Photos courtesy of Robin, Hayden, Sherrie & MYFM KK's fb!

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