A State Of Trance 600 - Version: Kuala Lumpur!

18 March 2013

Carpooled to Sepang in Sam's car - Thanks Sam! ;p
Me, Don, Jo and Sam
It's no secret that the highlight of my KL trip so far was the chance to experience the world famous A State Of Trance (now in it's 600th edition!) and Future Music Festival Asia, especially as one of the 10 selected bloggers to get VIP Media passes, sponsored by official beer Asahi Super Dry! When I say I had a good time, I really mean I had a freaking smashing good time!
Cosmic Gate!
Combining the 2 music events into one awesome weekend, ASOT600 and FMFA2013 was a carnival for all, with a fast-spinning Ferris wheel, games booths and food stalls for the crowd to enjoy in between the different acts. As media, we were treated to free flow Asahi beer, Evian water and Red Bull, as well as special access to the media pit where we got to be right in front of the stage to take awesome close ups of the acts! Unfortunately, seeing as my compact camera is totally useless now and I have successfully procrastinated in getting a new camera, I only had my S2 which I found out isnt so good for night shots.. ="( On the other hand, my new friends were kind enough to help me take the awesome photos I needed and share them here! New camera is definitely coming to me THIS WEEK though! (Hooray!)

Ferris Wheel
We tried this thing called Gastronomy Master. It's basically truffle oil, covered in very-quickly-hardened sugar, with a blob of whipped cream on top. When you eat it, the truffle kind of pops into your mouth when they sugar cracks. I didnt like the taste of the oil though.. =/
This second one, however, I'd have gladly gone back for more, about 10 times! ;p Yes I'm greedy like that.
It's passion fruit cream quickly frozen on the outside, giving this lovely texture and tastes like ice cream!
Photo taken at the same booth, where we were greeted by the girls: "Have a Smooth night!" We all got a key shaped thumbdrive containing this photo. =)
A State Of Trance is a not-to-be-missed event for all trance music lovers - and trance fans really love their stuff! The event was jam-packed with stats showing a turnout of over 30,000, and flags from countries such as Australia, the UK, Argentina etc were proudly displayed in the crowd that couldnt stop their bodies moving to the music at the Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur!
My Sabahan peeps who flew down especially for the party!
Edgar, Damon, Shariff, Joanna.
There were iDarts machines in the media centre too.. Apparently I'm quite good (or more accurately, beginner's luck). See the WIN at the top? MINE! Hahaha..
The man who makes it happen: Don
Fellow bloggers: Nathalie, me, Joanna and Samantha
Personally, I've never really been a trance fan, but I have to say, World no. 1 Dutch producer and DJ Armin Van Buuren sure as hell made it a great night of dancing and fun for me! And my legs were paying for it the next morning! (Yes, to all my friends who know me, you can stop laughing at the sight of me in flats now.. I cant believe some people, especially *cough* Charlotte *cough* actually texted me to laugh at this fact!)

With a line up of fantastic DJs leading up Armin's set such as W&W, Super8 & Tab, Cosmic Gate, Ben Gold and even local acts such as MisterAriffin and Fono, it was a trance rave like no other. You can see why A State Of Trance has such a big following, seeing as it literally puts you in, well, a state of trance!
Armin Van Buuren!! =D
Photo courtesy of Mike Yip.
 More snaps I took that night:
Nathalie, Sam and I all shaded up!
Samantha, Joanna and Sam. I've really met some amazing people this trip!
Leonard Chua
Mike Yip
Thanks so much to Manoah Consulting for selecting me as one of your lucky few.. I had such a great time meeting the gang and I cant wait to come back to KL to party with you guys again! Much, much love!!

Will be blogging about FMFA tomorrow! Dont think I should overwhelm you all with too much awesomeness in one post, nyehehe.. And believe me - FMFA was BEYOND that!


Photo credits to Joanna and Samuel! Click on their names to check out their posts!