Seafood, Seafood, Seafood! ILotus Seafood Restaurant will satisfy your Cravings!

15 April 2013

Although Kota Kinabalu is a food haven with all sorts of yummy things found in each and every corner, seafood has got to be the main attraction. Fresh, affordable and loved by many, visitors and locals alike flock to the seafood restaurants daily to get their fix. Mostly though, the more quality seafood restaurants are always located in the town centre, where, although easily accessible for most, parking spaces and even seating can be a problem.

Introducing the latest addition to wonderful places to fill yourself with fresh fish, crabs, prawns, shellfish etc - ILotus Seafood Restaurant!
Stole this photo from Eric's post, HERE! ;p
I had the chance to try out some of their famed dishes at the soft launch, and.. Wait, wait, wait - I'm getting ahead of myself! Famed dishes? For a new restaurant? How can they be famous if they're new?!

Well. I-Lotus Restaurant started in Brunei 2004, and quickly rose to success with their consistent delivery of quality and well-prepared food. Quickly becoming one of the most reputable seafood / Chinese restaurants in Brunei, ILotus has been featured in 2009/2010 edition of The Miele Guide (Asia's first truly independent and authoritative restaurant guide), allowing tourists from all over to enjoy the yummilicious food!
L-R: See Hua reporter, Tom, Eric, Ms. Irene Hii, Dino, Char n me!
Having always loved KK, the founder Irene Hii decided to spread the joy in KK, by opening a branch in Kepayan Point, a new area just opposite Millennium Plaza along the Penampang Bypass highway. With adequate parking spaces and a spacious indoor and outdoor seating area, Irene believes customers will enjoy the casual ambience of the restaurant  while tucking in to they're signature dishes such as:

Ms. Irene relates cooking to art. To make good food, you must have quality ingredients, passion to create new recipes, and pride in your work. Freshness in mandatory, especially when it comes to seafood and you can guarantee the seafood at ILotus is fresh - just by watching them fish it out from the live fish tanks located at the front of the restaurant!

The grand opening was held on the 7th of April, so do make a trip to try it out! I'll definitely be going back for more!



  1. Wonderful blog. Tried Sandakan seafood, Calista?

    1. Thank you Vincent! Yes I have tried the infamous Sandakan seafood! My favourite would have to be the restaurant in like a water village setting.. =)

  2. Seafood looking tasty and delicious and you showed the fish tank which means your have fresh seafood.. no doubt now. Highly recommend.

    1. Yes, definitely fresh and I'd say they're slightly more creative with their recipes compared to other places.. =D