Vlog Updated! The Launch of the Stylo Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

4 April 2013

Hey guys!

Finally, my new vlog post is up!

As you know, I'm quite new to vlogging, and my main challenge is the editing process. I've never really been good at editing anything, even photos, so this is completely new to me and can take me quite a while to edit it part by part.

With this vlog, I had to find most of the music the designers used for their individual shows and add it to the video as the originals from the recordings were very blurry and mostly bass (These were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII!). Unfortunately, I couldnt make out all of the songs so please do forgive the few designs that I left the original music on.

Hope you enjoy the show, and please do subscribe to my YouTube account!



  1. The editing is not bad at all..! What video editor are you using? If you want more variety but a very simple one at the same time, try Cyberlink Power Director.

    Gaah the models' legs are endless!

    1. Thanks babe! I'm just using Windows Live Movie Maker.. Hahaha.. I may just try the one you suggested though! =D Thanks!

  2. Awesome! Vlog is fun but not many doing it. I tried to vlog but my voice is too deep for recording by compact camera, so I sound like talking with something stuffed in my mouth in video. I need a good quality ext. mic.. >_<

    I've subscribed to your channel and hope to see more videos from you soon. :-)

    1. Hello Murphy, thank you so much for the support! =D

      I will definitely make more videos soon, your comment actually makes me want to make one now! Haha.. I think compact camera mics arent really that good for making videos.. I've just gotten the Samsung Galaxy camera, so hopefully that one will be ok, but we'll see I guess.. =)