Sabah Fest 2013 Presents - Injin Puput: Passage to the Heart of Borneo

3 May 2013

Sabah Fest is a yearly, month-long event that happens every May here in Sabah in conjunction with Kaamatan - the Harvest Festival of the local Kadazandusuns and Muruts.

Kaamatan is a fun time to be in Sabah, as there is lots to see and do and you'll get the full cultural experience, especially on the actual festival days (30th & 31st).

This year, Sabah Fest will feature a dance-drama entitled Injin Puput, a term used by the locals referring to the old Vulcan train that used to run from Kota Kinabalu, all the way into Tenom (a.k.a the Heart of Borneo) until not too long ago.
The drama, which also features complete live music and singing, chronicle the perception of an old Murut warrior (the actor playing this part is actually a real Murut warrior!), and in the second act follows the journey of Aki Arusap, who takes his grandson Aaron on a journey while reminiscing about the memories he has at each stop.
Chinese + Murut Mixed Wedding Ceremony
Now I dont want to spoil the story for you, so I wont elaborate too much, but do make sure you catch the show as you'll be able to witness all different cultures of the railway in one show, like
Bajau Putatan - Limbai dance & Bertitik music from Kulintangan
Photo credits to MalaysiaAsia
Kadazan Papar - Bosilat Mandung-mandung martial arts and Suzau Modsuhung dance
Bongawan Brunei - Ampok-ampok Bulan dance
Kadayan Beaufort - Cuk Surapit & Chamchambi dance
Photo credits to MalaysiaAsia
Murut - Lansaran (Bamboo Trampoline) dance
Murut - Anggalang/Magunatip dances
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the media preview for the show last night, but you can catch the shows tonight or tomorrow (3rd & 4th May) for RM50/ticket, OR because I had a double dose of Kaamatan luck, you could also WIN a pair of tickets from me on this blog as I won 4 tickets from KK fm!
After giving a pair to my parents, I still have 2 left so why not give them to you wonderful people? To win, all you have to do is LIKE my FACEBOOK page HERE, then drop a COMMENT on this BLOG post telling me either:
a) Your race if you are from one of the local tribes in Sabah; or
b) Have you ever danced the local bamboo dance before?

The winner of the tickets to the show at the Cultural Centre in Penampang on the 4th of May (Saturday night) will be chosen by random by 4pm tomorrow! So hurry and enter now! You wont regret it, it's a really good show (English subtitles on screen). =)


PS: You can view a clip of the much-loved bamboo dance Magunatip on my YouTube channel HERE! =)


  1. Calista! I'm not from Sabah and have NEVER tried the local bamboo dance before! I'd like to see it!

    1. Thanks for joining Paulin! Results will be announced on this blog real soon, so stay tuned! =D Good luck, I hope you get to see the dance, it's amazing to watch!

  2. I have never danced the local bamboo dance but I did watch it numerous times :D

    1. Thanks for joining Margaret! Results will be announced on this blog real soon, so stay tuned! =D Good luck!
      Maybe you can go to KDCA Cultural Village during Kaamatan n try it out!

  3. (1) yes, Murut runs in my blood from my grandmother of my father's side, essentially, I'm all mixed up that if people ask what's my race, I'll just say Bumiputera Sabah :)
    (2) unfortunately no, so, maybe could you make it come true and let me see the show? :P

    1. Thanks for joining Azhar! Results will be announced on this blog real soon, so stay tuned! =D Good luck!
      Does your family still practice any Murut traditions..?