I'm Back Kuala Lumpur!

6 August 2013

And ready to work!

Just a short post to tell everyone that I'm back and if anything is going on in KL, dont forget about meeee~!! Hahaha..

I wont have internet at home while I'm here, but I'll be going out to search for wifi every few days because I'm an internet addict and I get serious withdrawal symptoms.. (Kidding but so not kidding =O)

Also, I have noticed that being in KL brings my attention to the fact that I'm not doing everything I thought I would be doing with my life by now.. It's kinda depressing, but I'm trying to use that to change my dreams into plans, and those plans into reality! 

Just a lil personal note, dont freak out peeps ;p (I'm literally writing this in the last 3 minutes before I need to go lol)

Meanwhile, be sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE account for vlog posts, my FACEBOOK page for modelling updates (hopefully lots come!) and also my INSTAGRAM for everyday updates!

Love you guys!
Calista xx

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