Johnnie Walker Make It Gold + My Interview with DJ Ashleybaby

25 August 2013

When Johnnie Walker launches a new bottle, you know you're in for a rockin' party! 
Look at that golden bottle!
Photo credits to Ana Jonessy
Recently the Golden one launched their latest Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition bottle in White Room, KK Times Square, and I was lucky enough to not only be invited to dance the night away, but to also have an exclusive interview with the special guest DJ who was flown in all the way from Taiwan - the gorgeous DJ Ashleybaby!
The gorgeous DJ Ashleybaby!
Photo credits Raymond Chu
The night was alive with great music, free flow Johnnie Walker Gold Label, specially crafted Johnnie Walker Gold Cocktails, and the best company! 
Charlotte & I striking a pose with the sexy JW girls before melting that makeup off!
Never a party that Robin ain't at!
Unique Johnnie Walker Golden Cocktails!
L-R: Fresh Gold, Johnnie Gold Fashioned, Gold Bullion
I believe my favourite was Gold Bullion! =D
Photographer of the night Raymond Chu & I, before things got into full swing!
Bloggers Sherrie and Margaret!
Local R&B crooner James Baum - and that's when things started to heat up and get crazy!
Heeeyyyy.. We like to parrrTAY!
Photo credits to Ana Jonessy
Of all the great ideas Ana comes up with...
...Bucket-on-ya-head is the most fun! ;p
 You can probably pretty much tell what kind of insanity was going on, but hey, what are parties for right? And Johnnie Walker sure knows how to bring the party! =D

DJ Ashleybaby after our interview
The interview was published in the August issue of Breeze Magazine, and again, just in case you couldnt get your hands on a copy, this is the full interview, specially for readers of this blog! =D 

A pretty girl with a knack for mixing tracks and getting people to move their bodies? Now that’s music to our ears! Hailing from Taiwan, DJ Ashleybaby was recently in town for a special performance during the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition Launch Party, and Breeze was lucky enough to be swept off our feet by the 163cm tall beauty.

Hey Ashley! Welcome to Sabah! Is it your first time in Malaysia?
Thank you! It is my first time in Sabah, but I have actually played gigs in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru earlier this year! I’m looking forward to exploring a bit of Kota Kinabalu tomorrow as I have an extra day before I fly off.
I know you spin a lot in Taiwan, seeing as you’re from Kaoshiung. Where else have you dropped your tracks?
Oh, I’ve performed in Australia – Sydney & Melbourne – and also Cambodia so far. My dream gig though, would be to spin on the island of Ibiza! Pretty ambitious, seeing as Ibiza is known as the party capital of the world, but I’d also settle for a gig in nearby Thailand for now!
Looks like you’re a traveller! What else do you enjoy doing when you’re not creating music?
Yes, travelling is definitely one of my favourite things to do – after music of course! I love singing karaoke, dancing (still practicing to get better at that!), and playing the piano. I also love swimming.
So you have a musical background! What kind of music do you listen to in your own time?
I’ve been playing the piano for ten years now. I like to mellow down after all the club beats, so I really enjoy listening to jazz and classical music. I listen to a lot of mainstream English and Chinese songs as well.
Cool, so how long have you been DJ-ing professionally?
It’s been about one and a half years now, and I’m loving it!
Only one and a half years? You spin like you’ve been doing it forever! What did you do before becoming a DJ?
I studied fashion design and worked as a makeup artist for three years, specialising in bridal makeup and magazine shoots. I still help my friends do their makeup when they have special occasions, but I’m not so good with the hair dos!
What would you say your fashion style is? Is it different for work and play?
For work, I lean to more sexy dresses according to the theme of the event I’m spinning for. For instance, tonight’s event for Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve I’ll be wearing a flowy gold minidress to match their limited edition bottle! On my days off you’ll see me more relaxed in t shirts and denim shorts – no heels!
You’re really pretty, do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to share with our female readers? I’m sure they’d love to know how to stay looking so fresh after all those late nights!
Well I try not to use too much makeup when I’m not working to give my skin a rest from the heavy foundation I have on for gigs. I also make it a point to use a lot of facial masks to keep my skin hydrated!
Alright, back to your life as a DJ. How did you get into the scene, and who are your influences?
I actually got into the business by accident when a friend of mine, DJ Ago from Taiwan, asked whether I’d like to learn some of the basics. My first “gig” was during one of his regular shows -  while I was in the DJ box watching him spin, he suddenly handed me his headphones and told me it was my turn to play! I loved the crowd’s reaction, and now DJ Ago is my agent. My musical influence comes from a lot of places, but I really love Planet Funk, Daft Punk and am currently in love with  Dutch house DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand!
Do you have any advice for aspiring Sabahan DJs out there?
Be patient on the road to becoming a DJ, as things wont happen overnight. As long as you’re passionate and genuinely interested in music, persevere and practice as much as you can and the rest will fall into place.

Fun Facts About AshleyBaby!
Her real name is Ashley Huang Chin Wei
She was born on 17th of October 1985, making her a Libra
She lists dimsum and laksa as two of her favourite foods!
Dislikes sweet foods
Favourite colour of the moment is blue, but it could change any time!
Music Style: House, Disco House, EDM, Progressive House Top 40
You can look her up on facebook (, or listen to her mixtapes at
Article in Breeze Magazine
Were you at a different location for the launch? Drop me a comment to tell me how it was! 

Til next time,
Calista xx

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