Sabah International Folklore Festival 2013 - 8th Edition!

29 July 2013

This post is a little later than expected, as I was first planning to post it as a vlog, but video editing is still yet to become a skill I can master. Sigh.
Yep. This too. Ever so arsty me. *rolls eyes*
Last year's SIFF was an array of colours as there were cultural dances from 18 different countries showcased in an International Folkdance Competition held at the Sabah Cultural Centre. Some of them were:
South Korea
With the tagline "Promoting Peace Through Culture", this year's Folklore Fest was a quieter affair, with music taking center stage.
The Opening.
Theme song "Standing In The Eyes" with all participants.
Love for One and All!
Kinabalu Merdu Sound - Check out the bamboo guitar!
Philipus Jani with his handmade bamboo saxophone
Gambus Warisan Pesona - great voices, and the guy in the middle is so energetic!
Pyeongpaen Pungmuldan from South Korea
Razali Abdul Rahim from Malaysia, playing very energetic Kulintangan!
Bambu Ombak Group - Malaysia
Artsy Japanese Dance with elements of break dance..? One of the most popular performances, though I'm still not sure why the boy in the middle is bound like a mummy (blocked in this photo).
Mak Yong performance by Aswara - Kelantanese traditional drama - dance
Ranranga Dance Academy from Sri Lanka
Tuku Kame from Sarawak with their bamboo instruments

A fun fact I noticed during the festival was that there were quite a few pregnant performers! Kudos to doing such a wonderful job and looking so good! =D

Organised by the Sabah State Government, this annual affair is always fun to watch and I'm looking forward to next year's show! I do personally hope they'll bring back the dancing though! ;p

The Bal-Bal is mythical folktale of the Irranun referring to the black magic practice to protect and safeguard their master and possession. The Bal-Bal is chosen as the SIFF mascot as a reminder to younger generations on cross cultural awareness, appreciation and importance.
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