Wind Chimes in a Bakery, Samsung's Malaysian-Korean Love Story

30 August 2013

Malaysians (and some non-Malaysians!) have been following this Korean-directed drama series on YouTube for the past 7 weeks, and finally today we get to find out whether Adam & Sue end up together or not! =D
Yes, the last episode of Wind Chimes in a Bakery will be uploaded today on Samsung's YouTube channel, and fans have been waiting on tenterhooks to see how this Malaysian-produced love drama unfolds!

Well, other than myself and a few other lucky bloggers of course, as we got to attend the full screening at Golden Screen Cinemas in Pavilion KL 2 days before the rest of the world! *Muahahahahaha~!!!!*
My dear friend Jun who came to the screening with me!
Just in case you have been lost in space the past 2 months and have NO idea what I'm talking about, Wind Chimes in a Bakery is very much a shorter version of the Korean dramas we all love. Directed by the Korean director who brought us music videos from the likes of Wondergirls, Super Junior, Girls Generation and Rain, Jang Jae Hyeok brings to life the story of Adam, who is just a boy with a dream, while Sue is the poor little rich girl.

Ahmad Nabil as Adam
Koe Yeet as Sue - both of them are just so adorable!
Dramatic twists and turns keep them apart, and the series start out with Adam crying his heart out in the rain outside of a hospital, asking us a question no one wishes to ever need answer: What do you do, when you lose the one you love?


Well, I'm totally against spoilers so I'm not even gonna give you a hint at what happens throughout the 8  episodes, but all I can say is it's really worth watching so head on over to Samsung Malaysia's YouTube channel HERE to watch!

When we reached the specially booked hall, we were amazed as they had turned the whole lobby area into a Wind Chimes in a Bakery themed bakery! All sorts of buns were arranged in delicious array all around the area, and they served as our breakfast! Yes, they even had trays of the now-famous red bean buns which are Adam's on-screen speciality!
 I even found this bun which Lisa, Jun and Julie were amazed by as it's bigger than my face!
As we were ushered into the cinema hall, we were happily surprised to see each chair had a drink and specially-packed popcorn ready for each guest! We just had time for a quick snap before emcee Aishah Sinclair took to the stage:
Julie, Jun and I
She was introducing local electronic violinist Dennis Lau, who performed the drama's theme song (whose video I will insert the link into at a later date cz I cant upload the video without internet in KL =P)
DONE! Check it out here or on my YouTube page =D

After his performance, the "movie" started, starting from episode 1, which we have all watched but to see it as a full length movie was even better! I was holding in my tears at some parts because I'm never comfortable crying at movies - that's why I watch Glee by myself at home! ;p The ending was just what I.. Wait, I'm not telling you that! Shoo - go watch it yourself!

Anyway, no event is ever complete without photos with friends, so here they are -
Jun, myself and Julie
Finally got to meet Lisa, whom up til that moment I had only known via fb
The only reason we get to attend such wonderful events, Don from Manoah
And that was it! For more information on Samsung, the S4, and Wind Chimes in a Bakery, you can visit their facebook page HERE. If you are already a fan of the web series, and can't stop wanting more, well, the mobile app is also available for download via the Google Play Store! You can watch the full web series, view images or download ringtones of the web series straight to your smartphone!

Now what are you waiting for, go watch now and tell me what you think! =D
I also got interviewed by Samsung on what I thought of the whole series - gotta find that video somewhere!
Til next time,
Calista xx

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