Marquee Lounge, the Newest Club to Hit KL

2 September 2013


I love invitations! Especially when it's an invitation to parrr-taayyy~!!

Marquee, a spacious club featuring a dance floor, lounge area and upstairs with a bar, is the newest addition to the night scene in KL. Located in BB Park on Jalan Bukit Bintang, the location couldnt be better - right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur!
The club interior - even the upstairs is so spacious!
The upstairs bar area
Not being the party animal I'd like to be while in KL, I havent had the chance to try out many of the hippest clubs in town, but fortunately I have at least tried out some of the more popular ones. Being able to experience the grand launch of new club Marquee was awesome as not only was I guaranteed good company and new friends with some of the most fun-loving bloggers in town, we were also supplied with endless drinks, including bottles of champagne!
Being a non-drinker, I have to say champagne is one of the bearable alcohols - I drank about a quarter of my glass before it went missing *proud puff*, probably taken by one of the other girls who can appreciate it more!
The early birds!
Marquee plays a lot of remix R&B/mainstream music, not all techno/edm/whatever that kind of music is called (I dont know cz I'm not a fan lol). We had a lot of fun dancing to recent hits such as Blurred Lines, Thriftshop, and even old Lil Kim songs! =D Nirvana even came on somewhere in the middle, but sadly, as usual, that was the only rock song to be heard the whole night *sniffle*. Cindy and I kept exclaiming "Omg, these are our high school faves!" on and off throughout the night (I think it was Julie who kept chirping "mine too!" but we just gave her looks cz she's too young *flips hair* =P
One of the DJs of the night
The DJ console is actually situated front and center of the dance floor - kinda reminded me of the stages with live bands in KK and how I used to rock out right in front! ;p
Had so much fun with the girls! Joanna, Julie and Choulyin were kinda like the only 3 I knew before Karmun came, and I know my night is already made when they're around! <3>
Joanna <3 br="">
Julie: "Let me test out these pillows"
Me: "No!";p
Clockwise: Choulyin, Cindy, Michelle and Karmun!
Met great new friends like Michelle, Cindy and Ashley too - really hoping to have the chance to hang out with them more before I go back to KK. When you can become fast friends with people even before your brother reaches the club, you know you're set! =D
Ashley & Julie
Joanna & Cindy
Oliver & Don
Cant finish a blog post without thanking the men who made this night possible right? Ladies, meet these two handsome hotshots:
Don Chan of Manoah, and Mr Angelo of Marquee!
Don is the master of all good invites while Mr Angelo made sure we had so much fun I ended up with these kinda photos:
"Show me your happy face", said Karmun
This is how we party..?
Anyone..? No..? Just me then..? Ok!
So next time you're thinking of where to party, and have had enough of your usual watering holes, don't forget to give Marquee a try - you wont regret it! Just get your asses to BB Park, which is just in front of Low Yat Plaza, further down from Sungei Wang, walk down that magical rabbit hole where you can find more restaurants, cafes and bars which arent visible from the roadside, and there you'll find it, shrouded in mystery and seduction - MARQUEE LOUNGE!
Here's a map so you dont get lost!
As for parking, you can park at Low Yat Plaza (RM5), Federal Hotel, or Royale Bintang (RM8).
(I think Royale Bintang was a bit inconvenient though, because the lifts in the parking lot don't take you straight to the lobby, plus it's the furthest walk out of all three places.)

Photo credits to Julie, Karmun and this guy down here, the trusty official photographer: Jaz Khai!
Photographer of the night Jaz Khai!
Clever Munkey aka Henry Lee and his choice of poison =P
Til next time, 
Calista xx


  1. Cool club..! Gonna have to try it out soon. ;)

    1. Go check it out! Nothing to lose from partying at a new club anyway right? ;p

  2. love the post!!! love the pictures even more! henry looks like a good boy in the last pic though :p oh followed you btw! :D

    1. Thanks babe! Gonna go follow back now! =D And when it comes to Henry, "looks like" are the key words! ;p