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4 September 2013


"Be Free, Be Yourself"

Mary Quant Cosmetics Ltd has always prided themselves as being the embodiment of 1950's fashion designer Mary Quant, one of the British inventors of the much-loved mini skirt. Individuality is key, and when Mary decided to launch Mary Quant cosmetics in 1966, the main goal was to bring fashion onto the faces of women worldwide.
Vintage Mary Quant make up ad - Blush Baby is still one of their best-sellers!
Leaving the company as director after passing the baton to her trusted Japanese counterparts, the headquarters are now based in Japan (which is why much of the packaging is found in Japanese).

On Merdeka day, Joanna and I headed over to M.U.S.E. by Watson's in Sunway Pyramid to attend the workshop we were invited to by Manoah, and also to try out some of the products ourselves. Unfortunately, it didnt occur to us that it was a public holiday so traffic and parking was horrendous! We arrived a little late, just as official makeup artist Ms Takaki had finished applying the base onto the model.
Applying red eyeliner and mascara onto the model
Clockwise from left: Always pull blusher up to the temple for a more natural look; Apply lipliner before lipstick for a longer lasting colour; Moisture rich lipstick to finish off the look!; Beautiful model all made up!
After the demo, we got to try all the products on ourselves! I started off with the skincare prep:
Eye Gloss RM79
Moisture Zap RM129
Oil Zap RM119
I honestly love these!
The Eye Gloss smoothed out the fine lines around my eyes, and gave light coverage for my dark circles.
The Oil Zap is to be applied on the T-zone, and kept the shine at bay even til I got home.
Mositure Zap on the other hand, is applied on the cheeks as your cheeks are the driest area on your face. My cheeks were silky smooth and had the 'boing' factor! =D

Obedient Finish Foundation with SPF20++ RM135
Next was the foundation, 20 different shades are available. Takaki-san suggested I use 040 which is Natural if not mistaken.

Joanna snapped me trying out the foundation. Why is my face so round?!
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With over 50 different eyeshadow shades to choose from (above), creating your own colour palette will be a blast as the palette is sold separately for maximum mixing individuality!

Mary Quant's Ouline Colour Pencils can be used as both eyeliners and lipliners, and come in and array of colours as well! As with any other brand, the liner will fade by the end of the day, but the liquid liners stay put for hours!
Brow Liners RM59
The eyebrow pencils come in a more natural charcoal colour (which I personally prefer) and 2 different shades of brown.
These special mascaras also come in 7 different colours for when you really want to let your inner self shine through! From Ebony Black and Barbwire Grey, you can also choose to use Ivy Green, Laurel Green (kind of like a Turquoise), Brighton Blue, Lac Rose, or what I tried on, Bohemian Purple.
So I didnt do it perfectly cz I was rushing, but I hope you can get a glimpse of how it would look!
 As for blusher, Ms. Takaki suggested I use no 12, as it would look more natural on me:
No. 12 - Bottom center.
For shader, we used no. 4 to create a slimming effect under my non-existent cheekbones:
No. 4 - Also bottom center
The shader is actually just the darkest shade of blusher. Each Blush Baby colour (that's the individual triangle) costs RM75 each.

Last but not least, lipstick! I chose V-01 for the perfect rosy buds!
Moisture Lipstick RM108 each
If you're looking to have gorgeous skin even before dolling up, Mary Quant's skincare range may just do the trick!

The day would not be complete without a shot with the talented makeup artist who flew all the way in from Japan, or a group photo with my fellow bloggers!
The bloggers of the afternoon with our goodie bags!
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You can also learn more about Mary Quant on their website:

Til next time,
Calista xx


  1. viewed ur Marquee Lounge post, and this Mary Quant post, u r so bubbly (from the bLog I viewed la) , so I followed u in ur fb fanpage. Blog more yea~~ Ur english is so good, and the elaboration about a product review is quite the way I want. Combination of own feeling, with detailed infor =)

  2. Thank you so much Maple - your comment means a lot to me! =D I will try my best to update more often, and thank you for liking my fb too! xx

  3. this is like so cool , i think sg don't have that yet

    1. I know right? More makeup selection is never a bad thing! ;p I'm sure they will bring it to SG soon, but if not, hey, Malaysia is just a skip away! =)

  4. ur face mmg so round what! hahaha... i think its angle problem la :P seems like Mary Quant have a lot of good quality cosmetic products eh :)

    1. Why you so jahat onnneee.. SAY MY FACE IS PRETTY AND SLIM!!! ;p;p;p