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Saturday, 18 January 2014

To Tame Or Not To Tame; American Apparel Wants Your Opinion

The internet has been abuzz about a new fashion statement. What's new, right? The fashion industry has always been volatile; with most trends here today, gone tomorrow. But one trend that has been very much a constant, especially in the "modern era", is that women should be pretty much hairless, you-know-where.

American Apparel has many-an-eyebrow raised at their newest display mannequins. Right in the front window of their New York store, stand 3 seemingly normal mannequins - female, loosely tied-back hair, glasses - wearing sheer lingerie. Nothing so shocking about that, I'm sure you're thinking.
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Except that under that lingerie, are very obvious nipples, and, more shockingly, very unkempt "pubic hair".

According to various online newspapers and websites, District Visual Manager Dee Myles says that it is "important to have instances spark up curiosity and conversation about what we deem beautiful and sexy." And the American Apparel New York window display is set to send tongues a-wagging with that very taboo topic of conversation.

Looking at their website, they have kept to their "theme" of letting their models go au naturale (though very much more manicured); and their stand of no photoshopping also seems to be true:
Left: Visible pubic hair; Right: Un-photoshopped armpits
So what are your thoughts on this "controversy"? Should we subject ourselves to the pain of waxing our (very sensitive) private areas to a clean slate? Or do you not mind going (or your partner for that matter) au naturale? Maybe, a little "gardening", or "trimming of the bush" would be satisfactory? The online world seems split between the "I Love It!"s and the "Eww That's Disgusting!"s - where do you stand?

Drop me a comment with your opinions on the matter, and maybe why you think that way? Or even just a comment on what you think of the display, regardless of your thoughts on personal maintenance! ;p

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  1. I <3 America Apparel! The "bush campaign" was inspired by Petra Collin's menstruating, masturbating vagina tshirt, also designed and produced by the brand. I have a major girl crush on her and her views so I'm all in fer this. I don't really shave my armpits, even when I've to wear sleeveless top so it comes as no surprise to me. <333

    1. Haha..Yeah I read about that.. Not sure I'd be one to buy that tshirt though - dont need to be reminded of what I have to go through every month ugh,

  2. Until now still no waxing of other parts for me except the legs >< haha

    1. Haha.. Even waxing your legs hurts right? I did laser hair removal for my armpits.. Wish I had the money to do my legs too T.T

  3. Luckily I'm a guy so I don't need to worry much, though I shave my beard and trim my nasal hair regularly. :-) Every body part includes hair serves a purpose, so personally I think it is not really necessary for female to shave it (but a bit of "gardening" would be nice). To me, totally removing "public hair" is just weird.

    1. Can't say I dont agree with you Murphy - it all serves a purpose, but just like everything else, maintenance is key I guess! =)

  4. I just love pubic air.
    Adult people shouln's never remove it totally