Introducing The New Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2 & Gear Fit

8 April 2014

While the latest gadgets in the smartphone world have yet to hit Malaysian stores, members of the media were invited for the special pre-launch of one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014, accompanied by what looks to be the start of a new smart-fitness era with the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit.

Let's rewind: Samsung is yet ahead of its game with spanking new user-demanded features in the latest addition to the Galaxy family, redefining how technology and innovation can enhance our day-to-day lives.
Samasung Galaxy S5 Ambassadors Dato' Lee Chong Wei & Pandelela Rinong
As a Manoah blogger, we got to try out the goodies before anyone else when we witnessed the unveiling at Pullman Hotels, Bangsar. Seriously, the Gears arent even on display in official Samsung stores yet, and the S5 is only available for pre-order!
In love with the Gear Fit!
Focusing on the key 5 elements Fun, Speed, Life, Fit & Style, the Korean innovators have pulled out all the stops in terms of giving the consumers what they asked for:

Putting the FUN back into easy photo-taking, the Galaxy S5 is equipped with RealTime HDR, Selective Focus (which allows you to blur out the background ala bokeh style) and fast auto focus - a winning 0.3 seconds.

SPEED is everything in the world today, and Samsung understands your need to watch that kitty video ASAP. By bonding LTE & Wifi, the S5 comes with a Download Booster, downloading those videos in speedy time!

We all know that LIFE can sometimes be cruel, and that our most beloved possessions can often be compromised by the most common factors of the environment. Not to worry with the S5, which is iP67 certified to be dust- & water-resistant, and comes with a finger scanner for extra biometric security. The feature I was most happy to hear of though, is the Ultra Power Saving Mode: turning the display black and white, and shutting down all unnecessary features when activated, there will be no more helpless moments watching the battery percentage drop til you're rendered helpless with a lifeless phone! =D

Fitness is quickly becoming a prominent part of everyone's life. Whether a trend or not, there's no denying staying FIT should be a priority, and it should be easier for non-fitness freaks (like me!). S Health 3.0, you have a comprehensive fitness monitor including a pedometer, diet & exercise records, and a new in-built heart rate sensor, which can be paired with the new Gear series.

Blending the iconic Samsung design with a perforated pattern on the back cover, creating a sleek & modern glam look to complement the STYLE of each individual.

Photo taken from Samsung Malaysia's fb page.
Personally, I'm really interested in the Gear Fit, with a 1.84" curved AMOLED screen and equipped with an accelerometer, gyro and heart rate sensor, I think it'll help me stay on track while keeping fit, and looking stylish. Plus it's only 27g and has a changeable strap, with designer straps from from Nicholas Kirkwood and Moschino available! The Gear 2 is the next generation Gear, and you can even download your favourite tunes right into the watch itself!
The Samsung Gear 2
*The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be retailed at RM2399, while the Gear 2 and Gear Fit are priced at RM899 & RM599 respectively.

Til next time,
Calista xx


  1. my son be crazy about this gear 2 ehehe dunno it fit or not to him ;-)

    1. Hmm.. It should, I hope! It looks really cool, can imagine why he likes it hahaha..

  2. Awesome gears I love to have them wow!!! great