Attainable Flawlessness, No Knives Necessary!

25 May 2014

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Flawless. Perf (as in perfect). Victoria's Secret Angel.

Ok, so maybe not the last one. But how many of us crave these urban words being associated with us, whether in photos or in real life?
I woke up like this, we flawless.
- Beyonce. 
As the desire for perfection grows with the advancement of the beauty industry, men and women alike are always on the lookout for easy, inexpensive ways to improve their physical appearance. While some may say looks aren't everything, no one can deny that vanity is an inborn human trait, and as much as we say we don't care, who doesn't like feeling pretty? Besides, looks alone may not carry you through life, but they sure do open many doors!

While plastic surgery is a growing industry, many people, myself included, are way too much of a scaredy-cat to actually go under the knife in the name of beauty. I havent even been able to bring myself to go for Lasik, which would actually be practical and painless! Haha..
A patient getting a beauty jab at iD Esthetic Beauty House
Even though I haven't had anything done, I think we're forever curious about what could be done, or how these things are done, and through friends and the internet, I recently learnt that there is this procedure where they use 'fillers', which can correct minor imperfections (or, quirks which you're not too fond of).
One of the treatment rooms in iD Esthetic Beauty House
iD Esthetic Beauty House was previously located in Puchong, but with the increase of clientele (and you guys probably went "Puchong? So far??" hehe), they have relaunched the company at Berjaya Times Square TODAY! =D The beauty clinic offers all kinds of micro surgery, aka non-invasive beauty treatments, mainly focusing on fillers.
Lip Filler Before & After from iD Esthetic Instagram
So what exactly are fillers? I know, I asked the same question. I thought that maybe they were lip plumpers, or a less permanent type of cheek implants, but that's all I could think of. In reality? You can get chin fillers, apple cheek fillers, 'v-shape' face fillers, nose fillers, placenta injections, breast injections and more! All this with a needle, no knives/lasers required!
'V-shape' face filler Before & After taken from iD Esthetic Instagram
Fillers are actually temporary to long-lasting solutions to wrinkles, scars, or soft-tissue volume loss. The injections are usually collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyl, and provide less permanent changes to parts of yourself you'd like to change, but are maybe unsure of the outcome. Thinking of getting a nose job but worried you'd regret it after a few months? Why not try a nose filler first so you can see what you'd look like with a change? Like it? Go back for touch up nose fillers. Don't like it? Just leave it and the effects will slowly wear off and go back to normal.

Ray Eng of iD Esthetic Beauty House is his own best advert, as he himself has gone through cosmetic surgery to look better than before. He also trained in Thailand, China and Korea, arguably the most famous destinations for cosmetic surgery these days!
Ray's name card
Interested to know more? I'm no expert, but I do know how you can contact one! Haha.. Just WeChat your questions to idAesthetic or email them at Better yet, walk in for a personal consultation at their new and easily accessible outlet at 06-12, 6th Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Call 03-21410608 to make an appointment! =)
Have you tried micro surgery before? Or even had any type of plastic surgery? Leave me a comment with your experience, I'm really curious!

Til next time,
Calista xx

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