But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

5 May 2014

Let's be honest.
Garrard ring
Every single person who will come across this blog post has taken a selfie. Whether that selfie was published onto their social media platforms, is another matter, but we've all had that "let's try this" moment, and turned the camera lens towards us in the 45 degree angle we've seen the experts do.

Does a #selfie need any introduction? Well, just to clarify, a selfie is not your run-of-the-mill photo of yourself, oh no. A selfie is a photo of yourself, taken by yourself. The most common selfie focuses on your face, or head & shoulders, but a full body selfie is achievable by pointing that mobile phone/camera at a mirror and snapping that shot of you holding your camera up to the mirror. (Most often taken to show an #ootd, aka outfit of the day)
Left: Common selfie
Right: OOTD selfie
Taken in the fitting room of Pull & Bear - I really love this dress!
The selfie is arguably the most common hashtag on Instagram, and at any given time, you have a 95% chance of seeing at least one selfie as you scroll down your facebook newsfeed. (Statistics 100% made up by yours truly, but also 100% true on my newsfeed, hah!)

The omg-twins-but-not-really selfie.
The world is obsessed with selfies. Many post a selfie every single day on social media, and have perfected the art of taking that perfect shot of their face for the 1000th time this month. Hey, it even has it's own song!

Screencap from The Chainsmokers' hit #Selfie
"That's so ratchet."
There are more & more features/accessories available to cater to this selfie craze, like the monopod, the new Samsung S5's enhanced front camera, and the camera I just got last month: Samsung NX Mini.

My camera is white, and I'm using the lens on the far right.
With a flip-up display, they werent kidding when they said that taking a selfie has never been easier! I mean, even a total noob like me can churn out a pretty ok-looking selfie, and that's saying something! Don't believe me? Have a look through my Instagram - you can count the amount of selfies taken on one hand haha!

Dearest Yukiko & I
Luckily for you though, that's about to change! (Ok ok.. Maybe 'lucky' is too strong of a word..)

The I-can-kiss-you-while-taking-a-wefie
Ta-da! Selfie, wefie (when you take a group selfie shot) galore! I'm loving the sharp colours of the NX Mini, and with its 180 degree flip-up touchscreen, it's literally impossible to take my usual half-head-cut-off selfie shots like I usually end up taking with normal cameras.
Ignore the weird look on my face - I had just realised I was being stalked! =/
As a blogger, taking photos is an essential part of my life, and now instead of just taking photos of whatever I'm wanting to blog about, I can get myself into the frame too!

Tried the famous Boat Noodles with Joanna - 4 bowls each!
The lens I'm currently using is quite wide, so you have no fear of getting a close-up of my nose either nyehehe. The other feature I'm enjoying is the wink shot. A lot of times I find that I have a hard time clicking the shutter button, for instance when I have to hold the camera with my left hand? Now all I have to do is wink, hold for 2 seconds while the camera detects the batting of my lashes, and snap! we're done. It also detects really consistently, which I honestly wasn't expecting. The first day we got the camera, Sandy and I thought you had to actually wink for the shot, resulting in this picture:

No! Haha.. Just wink, and when the timer comes up, you have 2 seconds to give the lens your best doe-eyes before it snaps your shot. Just remember, if you really have the need to post a selfie daily, do mix it up a little:  
The world doesn't need to see the same angle, same make-up, same hairstyle every single day.

Now, to practice getting that perfect shot...

Til next time,
Calista xx

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PS: ONE LAST SELFIE! Why? Because I can! =P 
And cz my brother deserves blog-time.
After looking at this, I'm definitely going back to practicing my selfie skills, lol.