The Prodigy of KL Clubs

12 May 2014

Seems like I do most of my partying while I'm in KL nowadays - not a good sign for my KK life! - what with new clubs popping up here and there, and my bunch of party animal blogger friends! =P
During the launch, photo courtesy of Prodigy's official photographer!
Being back in KK is all good, but this public holiday eve, I'm reminiscing about the fun times I had dancing the night away just a couple of weeks back! After the launch of new club Prodigy KL, we ended up partying there at least 3 times; and hey, I was only there for about 7 weeks!
With my babe Yukiko.. Photo courtesy of Zana! xx
Situated in the heart of KL, clubbing at Prodigy was easy for me as all I had to do was walk over from Pavilion - it's located just opposite on Jalan Kia Peng, and you can see the building while walking along the KLCC link bridge.
Prodigy exterior, with ample parking spaces just opposite!
The launch, called Redefine, was literally jam-packed, even though it was by exclusive invite only! Manoah (my party hook-up) got us in with the it-crowd, and it was havoc! A great start to a newly opened club I'd say, cz after all, the more people there to party the better the party will be! It was so much fun meeting even more new friends too!
The Manoah group photo!
The very next Friday, a bunch of us headed over to check out the first of their weekly events: Filth Fortune with Mr Fluff. Grabbing a sofa seat upstairs, we started the night off with selfies and some drinks. Joanna sat next to me and started sipping on a drink, and it wasnt til I noticed that my 'special' glass had gone missing that either of us realised, she was happily throwing back neat.. cranberry juice! Ahahaha! And she wondered why she wasnt feeling anything.. ;p
Our drinks and the waiter helping us pour our first round.. And yes, apparently my butt always gets in the way!
One thing about the service staff in Prodigy though, they really make you feel VIP! When the ice bucket goes to mush, you barely have time to realise before they've already brought you a new one; your drinks are always topped up; there's always a friendly waiter nearby if you need anything.. It was great! We were dancing and laughing without having to worry about anything at all!
This is so awesome.. Just had to steal it from Michelle's post! =D
And to give you a look at the interior:
First 3 pix are as soon as you walk in - and yes that's a swing - Last photo is the VDJ console!
We also got meet Mr Fluff in the flesh! While he was in the midst of spinning, no less.
So guess who's excited? 
I can't wait to go back to KL to party with the girls again; I foresee a lot more Prodigy in the cards? =P See you guys in a few months' time!

For more info on upcoming events, check out Prodigy KL's facebook HERE.

Til next time, 
Calista xx


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