A Red Hot Pyjama Party In KL!

11 June 2014

Guess who just got back from KL!

... and yes I realise it hasnt been a month since I last left haha, but how could I resist coming down for a week when Air Asia was gracious enough to fly me down for the RED HOT party, and the new Tune Hotel's pyjama party? =D
A quick snap with Ashman before leaving the Sultan Lounge
Gotta thank the fabulous Ashman for literally creating a miracle and scouring every available option to get me a seat on 4 days of sold-out flights from KK - KL! (The website showed sold out flights from 28th - 31st May, probably because it was Kaamatan weekend) I was on the last physical seat too: 31F lol!
Heaps of kisses for Yukiko!!
I got to spend a few hours with my brother before meeting Yukiko for the Air Asia Red Hot Taylor Swift Live in Malaysia Party at Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental on the 30th. Was feeling a bit sad that I was missing out on the Kaamatan madness, but also excited for the week ahead, as I'm having an extended slumber party with Yuki - she invited me to crash at her place for my whole trip, and even bought a new bed for the guest room just for me!
Rocking out with Taylor!
We arrived late due to horrific traffic in KL, as did quite a few others I believe, including Bruneian food blogger Thanis Lim, whom you might remember from KK, his second home! =P Was great catching up in a different city for once, and he even brought me a homemade matcha waffle! *yum~*
Taylor Swift inside and out on a special Air Asia Airbus A320! Why is she so pretty~
Look at all these lucky b*tches! Argh! (Yes, that is jealousy in my voice lol)
Air Asia is the official sponsor for Taylor Swift's South East Asia leg of her RED tour, hence the Red Hot party in anticipation of Taylor's first Malaysian concert. Backstage passes were the main lucky draw prize, but as you can probably guess, I didnt win the coveted tickets (gutted I dont have tickets to her show - I can't believe it's happening NOW and I'm here typing! T.T)

Even so, I did have fun chatting with new and familiar faces throughout the night, and even got to suck at charades with Yuki, Don and Zana over drinks and Luk-Luk before going home! No prizes for guessing we woke up late the next morning...

Yuki's husband Nate had bought us yummy nasi lemak and soy milk for breakfast, and Yuki stared at me in disbelief for about 10 seconds when I told her I'd never tried soy milk before. I havent! I dont like milk, so I just generally don't pick soy milk up. Hahaha.. It was pretty good though!

A snap in Yuki's car before checking in - that's Thanis' matcha waffle in between us!
I drove Yuki's Hyundai Tucson (Yuki, please remember your car model hahaha) up to KLIA 2, where the new Tune Hotel is situated.
Exterior and part of Tune Hotel KLIA 2's parking lot
We were impressed by the ample parking space right outside the hotel, while the fact that it's within walking distance from KLIA 2, and equipped with ramps and luggage trolleys, is definitely convenient for travellers.
Love the facilities inside the hotel itself! Check in, keep updated with arrival/departure times, or just lounge in the.. spacious lounge! Bottom right pic is the courtyard area where the pyjama party was held.
KLIA 2 is the new home of Malaysia's low-cost carriers, 
Air Asia having moved there in early June. 
The rumours are true: KLIA 2 is pretty huge. 
From landing to parking, it took about 10 minutes of taxiing down the runway, 
and walking through the arrival hall took about 20 mins before I reached baggage reclaim. 
I planned to reach the airport early when I flew back to KK, 
just in case I got lost/underestimated walking time from check-in to the departure gate etc.
Good news is that the KLIA Express now runs to KLIA 2 as well, 
with no extra charge - still a flat rate of RM35 one way.
Thanis did a pretty good job of KLIA2 For Dummies, you can check out his post HERE
Interior of the rooms
It was both mine and Yuki's first time staying in one of the Tune Hotels, and we were pleasantly surprised with the comfort of the room! We spent a bit of time trying to decide what to wear for the pyjama party; hey, I dont wear pyjamas to bed! (Not ones I'd wanna be seen in public in anyway haha)
I loved that everyone followed the theme! Except for.. Ana! I know you dont wear that for bed! Hahaha..
Also finally got to meet Sarawakian comic blogger Jian Goh aka Akiraceo, and Sabahan comic blogger Kendy in person (check out his blog on the 6th of June for a special feature on yours truly!) I could've sworn I took a photo with you Kendy.. Is it in your camera..? =P
Giant Jenga! Hahaha.. I wasnt the one who made it fall, cz obviously I couldnt play after level 1 =/
... And I thought this was gonna be a short update. Oh well!
Goodnight everyone!
Til next time,
Calista xx

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