A.D.I.D.A.Shopping Sprees!

8 June 2014

As we enter mid-year, I have to say May was a good month for me; it may very well be my favourite month for the first half of 2014! This was boosted by the fact that (if my Korn-referenced blog title hasnt given it away yet) I got to collaborate with Adidas Neo Malaysia for a blog shopping spree!

Armed with a RM1000 gift voucher, I marched into the 1 Borneo outlet, determined to walk out triumphantly with items that were not your everyday Calista -  I mean, what better opportunity to change up my style right? Having gone in for a sneak peek a couple of weeks before the actual trip, I knew Adidas Neo was the lifestyle division of Adidas, so I wasn't expecting your normal sports bras/running shoes.

Adidas Neo, 1 Borneo Hypermall
Photo credits Hayden Chan
The vibrant outlook of the store pretty much encompasses what the brand is about: bright, bold, and comfortable. The almost neon green of the logo catches your eye immediately; while the spacious and well-lit interior makes shopping a breeze. Another interesting fact? Selena Gomez is their guest designer! Is it any wonder the Spring/Summer 2014 collection is dominated by sweet colours with a rebellious streak?

I had a great time going through racks of bold prints and bright colours, trying on so many different pairs of shoes, and having a laugh with the staff! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and what could make a shopping spree more fun? Shopping with a friend of course! Ana must have been bored stiff while I umm'd and ahh'd over which pieces would make the cut, but she heroically stood by me while taking some awesome photos of my indecisiveness! =P
The sleeveless pink jackets, or the sheer-sleeved floral?
Ready for anything!
With RM1000 in hand, I have to say I was quite surprised that it took me a while to actually use it all up! Prices are definitely reasonable, with tops starting from RM89.90 (there could be cheaper ones I didnt notice), and shoes on average RM189.90/pair. I'm quite happy with the amount of stuff I got, and even managed to grab a pair of sneakers for the bf - hey, gotta make the man happy every once in a while right? *wink*
Bright red sneakers, or black with a dash of hot pink? HMMM...
I'll show you my haul in the next post, but let's see if you can guess what I chose in the end?
*Hint: My initial determination faltered a little; I guess one can't change one's style overnight! Lol

Til next time,
Calista xx


  1. haha.. i can easily used up that amount of voucher in Adidas Neo shop.

    1. Haha! It was a challenge to decide what to take and what to.. Maybe go back and get? Hahaha

  2. whootsss! niceeee! what a good way to enjoy! =D