A Royal Time At Burger King Sabah!

31 January 2015

Her Royal Highness Burger Queen
I don't think anyone would be surprised if I said that Burger King has always been my weakness - I've been addicted to Burger King fries for as long as I can remember! (How do you think my "Potato" nickname came about? =P)

Gold 'N Spice Chicken only available at Burger King Centerpoint Sabah
When I got invited to try out the special burger promotion in the all-new Burger King outlet in Centerpoint Sabah, there was no keeping me away. I chose to try the Crispy Golden Cheese as, hello, cheese?

We ordered 3 cheese and 2 black pepper.
Look at that omnomnom~
Crispy Golden Cheese
The Crispy Golden Cheese burger is made with a special chick 'n crisp patty on soft burger buns slathered in mayonnaise, then jam-packed with crispy lettuce and onions, before being topped with the creamy cheese sauce. Yummy!

Royally sweet!
The good people at BK Centerpoint didn't deny us our sweet tooth either, as we got to try the soft serve ice cream before we left.

Ooh lookey lookey! 
If you wanna see this hot guy right here serving burgers, well, the Grand Opening will be at 8pm this 3rd of Feb (Tuesday), and Wu Chun will be behind the counter taking orders! Drop by the outlet on the Ground Floor (next to Watson's), and hopefully we'll all get to take some pics with him! =D

The Centerpoint branch of Burger King Sabah has a slightly different menu than the other branches in town, so do check them out on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest offers. I know they have Hershey's Pie for dessert....

Thanks as always for the invite Alfred! 

Love always,
Calista xx

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