Make It A Flashy New Year With Alcatel Onetouch Flash

14 January 2015

From December till February each year, I usually have a lot to celebrate:
New Year's Eve with my parents
First comes Christmas, then New Years, then my birthday (that was yesterday!), on to Valentine’s Day, and finally Chinese New Year – how important my phone is to me during this period?! 
Birthday surprise by the lovelies
From messaging and calls for gatherings and reunions, to the easy-to-carry-around camera attached to it to capture the food, memories, and presents; I doubt any of us in this day and age would manage very well without our trust little sidekick in our pocket during the festive period. 

So many Christmas presents under the tree
Which one of these was wrapped specially for me?
Presents! What did you get for Christmas? I’m gonna do a Christmas/birthday haul post real soon, but to be honest, the older I get the more things I want, yet the more things are also not suitable to request as a present. Wasn’t it easier when we were younger, and all you wanted was the latest Barbie doll or remote controlled car, or you didn’t even ask for presents at all, your parents would still know exactly what to get you?
Brand new hair for 2015! Flashy red highlights!
But let’s be honest, in this Generation Y era, regardless of age there’s always one thing we secretly hope for: the latest handphone. Yes you may have the newly launched iPhone or Samsung, but there’s always gonna be an even newer model coming out after a couple of months boasting even better specs, and how can I not have as good a phone camera as Anna? I NEED SELFIES AS GOOD AS CAROLINE’S DAMN IT!


So yes, top of my “Want” list this year is a brand new phone. I’ve been using my current phone for a year and a half now, and we all know that means it’s basically from the Age of the Dinosaurs in mobile terms. Also, this is an amazing time to choose a new phone, as there are so many new brands and models to choose from! One that stands out through all my searching is Alcatel’s Onetouch Flash, which was just launched early this month.

Now I know Alcatel hasn’t been very visible in Malaysia since the birth of the smart phone, but if you’re as old as me you’ll remember this French brand had a couple of great phone models during the colour screen times (oh, the variety we had then!). I was intrigued when I heard about their new offering, so I went and did a little digging, and found out that they’ve recently partnered up with DJ/ producer AVICII ! =D

If selfies are what you like and one of the main features you look for in a smart phone is whether the front camera is good enough, well looks like the new Alcatel Onetouch Flash is for you! Boasting a 5MP HD Front Camera with an in-built beauty enhancer, you won’t even need to install all the 3rd party apps we all currently use (don’t lie, I know you use them too), and with the 13MP Full HD Back Camera, well, less weight in my bag since I won’t need to bring a camera out!

Design isn’t compromised at all with the 5.5 inch HD screen, as well as a collaboration with HYDRASKINS ( - all the more reason for the fashion-conscious to give this phone a second look. God knows we need some variety in today’s black and white world (Oh look! A red version of my phone! How different! Not.)
One of the Hydraskin designs for Onetouch Flash
From what I‘ve found out, the Alcatel Onetouch Flash is affordably priced and readily available nationwide. If you’re not wanting to fork out any money right now, why not check out Alcatel Malaysia’s #BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and FB, and you could win a brand new Onetouch Flash by joining contests by Cilisos and IGERSMALAYSIA! The #BeAFlasher campaign is all about celebrating the new culture of expression of individuality through the world of selfies, check out my #FlashyFlashy post:
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