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10 August 2015

If you're on my Facebook, you probably would've seen a rant about how I had completed a blog post to almost 95%, only to revisit another day to find barely 1% left. Yep, my draft had corrupted, and I wanted to cry.
This is that post. After losing the draft, it took a lot of energy to try and rewrite it again, as I had left the draft for a couple of weeks while I was working, and completely forgot what my angle was; also, I don't let go very easily. Rawr! =(

But anyway, let's try this again shall we?

I was invited to try out a tummy slimming session at Iskin New York Aesthetics Centre because they saw my photos and thought I needed it called the Foto RF Body Reshape, which aims to easily and effectively tone the targeted area. Obviously, I jumped at the offer because I'm fat.

Easily accessible in the centre of town, you can find Iskin at Api-Api Centre. They're easy to spot because I've always been intrigued by their signboard even before they invited me over; it's clean, professional and welcoming. This beauty centre offers much more than just your regular body slimming. Facials, permanent hair removal, and functional cosmetics such as lash growth serum mascara and lip plumping lipstick are also available. With 10 years experience, Iskin only uses state-of-the-art machines for better results, and all therapists are well-trained; many of whom used to be dermatologists or nurses!
Barley yum yum~
Upon arrival, I was greeted by the very friendly receptionist, who served some yummy tea while I filled out the form. Then, I was taken into the treatment room to be weighed and analysed via a special weighing machine by my therapist (who I was later informed was Iskin's most experienced), Irene. Irene explained that the Foto RF Body Reshape treatment would help reshape the most stubborn tummy fats, as well as reduce cellulite, increase good circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage, so your body will naturally be ridding itself of toxins, even after the treatment, which only takes around 30 minutes. 

After I'd stripped (they provide disposable underwear and a robe to cover your jiggly bits!) and laid down on the treatment bed, Irene came back in and guided me step by step as to what was happening. The Foto RF machine (you can also opt for Foto RF Face Reshaping for that small, V-shaped face you've always wanted!) is much like a little fat-sucking vacuum. It was a very soothing experience to have a little warm vacuum being run over your tummy - I almost fell asleep twice in 30 minutes! 
The RF Foto Body process is very much heat based, and your therapist will use a special meter to check the temperature is at its most suitable for your needs throughout the treatment. Also, if you take a look at my stomach, one side is definitely more defined than the other after one-side treatment.
When I was done, I sneaked a look in the mirror when Irene left to let me get changed. Could definitely see the difference! She'd also shown me the difference after only reshaping one half of my tummy, and of course that was so obvious! Being a lazy bum and a foodie has stopped me from having a slim body, and I'm sure most of you will agree that the tummy bulge is the hardest to budge even when you do try to lose weight. A few sessions of the Foto RF treatment should help kickstart the process, I'm hoping so anyway!

Wanna give it a go? Iskin Aesthetics Centre is offering a special discounted price of RM99 (Regular Price: RM800) for your first trial of Foto RF Body Reshape Treatment if you mention the exclusive promo code CALISTA when you make your appointment! This promo is only valid for 2 weeks from the date of this post, so don't miss out!
With the Iskin team! My therapist, Irene, is 2nd from right.
Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think after your treatment - I'm thinking of trying out the facial or functioning cosmetics next!

Love always,

Calista xx

PS: This final draft corrupted as well, luckily I had saved a draft in Word this time. Now I'm gonna be worried every time I save something in Blogger! =(

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