Hitz Playlist Travel Recap - Packing Without Screaming

23 April 2016

If you've been tuning in to hitz fm Sabah (or just being spammed by my social media pages), you might have heard that I've joined the crazy house! I'll be yappin' and snappin' while bringin' the beats (wow, ok Calista, calm the heck down) every weekday at 10am - 1pm; yes, Calista has
officially been forced to become a morning person!

I wanted to revamp the Hitz Playlist to give it a lil Calista zing, and one of the things I'm most passionate about is of course, travel! Every day I'll share a travel tip that has worked for me, and at the end of the week shove them into a blog post - welcome to Post Numero Uno!

This whole week, I talked about packing: how to pack light, how to save on luggage money, how to clear more wardrobe space, and how to fill it back up!

1.  Hate doing laundry?
     If you like to pack light when travelling (or just literally live in your jeans), did you know that     you can put them into a ziplock bag, put the ziplock bag into the fridge overnight, and in the morning, they’ll smell just like new! Yep, lazy level: UP!!

2.  Gadgets galore?
     Hotels are notorious for only having a couple of sockets per room, but we all have more than 2           devices to charge when travelling, especially if we’re sharing! Always bring a strip extension - you can get some that are pretty lightweight - and you’ll be able to charge that phone, camera, power bank, laptop, secondary phone, GoPro...... at least 3 devices with one plug! Now you can vlog, selfie, AND update social media on the go!

3.  Hassle-free duty free!
     Always leave a little space in your hand luggage for duty free purchases! Get all that yummy               chocolate through kastam (aka customs) without a hitch!

4.  Luggage weight limitations? 
     So this one has helped me a lot: Wear your heaviest clothes and shoes on the plane to save weight. When I travel for work I rarely travel light, so I will most likely wear my jeans, a comfy top and wedge sneakers to fly, along with a jacket in my backpack. Or, you could just do what this guy did.

5.  Revamp that wardrobe.
     Here’s a tip I haven’t tried yet, but after reading about it, definitely will: You know that pile of           “to donate/throw/finally get around to wearing” tops & dresses sitting in your closet that you               just can't bring yourself to get rid of? Get a final wear out of 'em during your next getaway, then ditch them when you’re done and lighten the load for the trip home. More pros? No laundry to get home to, and new wardrobe space for purchases you make during your holiday.”

Any good tips I've missed out? Drop me comment!
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Wander with lust, and I'll see ya next weekend!

Love always,
Calista xx

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