Hitz Playlist Travel Recap - High In The Sky

9 May 2016

I'm somewhat of an adrenaline junkie - I love heights and speed, and I have a pretty long bucket list. This week we talked up in the air:

1. Skydiving is definitely top of my to-do, and South Africa is my dream location!
    Freefalling at 192km/hour means it only takes 30secs to fall 4000ft, and then you
    tug open that parachute, and enjoy the view for the next 5mins. Age is not a
    limitation in this case as there have even been 80 year olds doing the jump for the
    first time; just make sure you don't lose those false teeth! Oh, and myth busted:
    unlike the movies, you can't hear anyone talking / screaming while in freefall! 

2. There are many different types of bungee jumping
     i)   Off a cliff in New Zealand
     ii)  Off a tower like in Macau 
     iii) Off a crane like in the UK
     iv) The highest bungee jump in the world is off a bridge in South Africa, and
     iv) The most extreme? You can bungee from a helicopter, into a volcano in

3. Cliff diving in the Philippines is fun, but if you're teeny tiny like me, don't do it
     long term k? Diving from a professional level actually makes your body shrink over
     time! =O

4. This one is actually gonna be happening really soon: Paragliding from the top of
     Kokol Hill! Yes, you can paraglide right here in KK, from Kokol or even Ranau, right
     in front of Mount Kinabalu; talk about set to scenery!

5. Zip-lining across a river? Check. From island-to-island?  
Check! Pulau Gaya to Pulau Sapi
Both right here in 
KK too!
I also zipped from one end of the forest to another in Taiwan!
What's on your adrenaline bucket list? Drop me comment!
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Reach for the sky, and I'll see ya next weekend!

Love always,
Calista xx


  1. bungee jumping, skydiving, ziplining and the list goes on....
    U really got guts girl.

    1. Haha.. Haven't done them yet! Hopefully I will have the guts to do it when the time comes =D