Hitz Playlist Travel Recap - Under The Sea

14 May 2016

Continuing on from last week's adrenaline rush, this week was all about frolicking in the ocean, because if there's nothing else we have more of in Sabah, it's definitely the sea!
Yes, that is me, graceful as always.
1. If you love to have fun, the options are endless: snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing, banana boating, and my ultimate favourite? Scuba diving!

2. You can actually do a "trial run" if you don't wanna throw down a big chunk of money to get your Open Water diving licence. Discovery Dives cost about RM200 and the instructor will guide you down to about 12m. If you fall in love with the underwater world, then get your licence to go down to 20m!

3. Sabah is actually home to some of the top dive sites in Malaysia, and Sipadan Island is ranked one of the top in the world! You're definitely missing out if you're not diving; all of this beauty is right in your backyard! Even Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (Pulau Manukan, Sapi, Gaya etc) makes the list of cool dive sites, and they're just 15mins away!

4. SCUBA actually stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

5. A lot of people have a fear of running into sharks underwater, but a man in Florida actually cuddled one! Also, the chance of running into a man-eating shark in Malaysian waters, is basically 0%.

6. Diving bucket list: 
i)Wreck diving
 ii) Underwater museum in Mexico
iii) Underwater cities
 iv) Between plate tectonics
 v) Sipadan Island - best marine life, coral and caves! PC: wsj.com

Where's the best place you've dived so far? Drop me comment!
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Swim amongst the fishies, and I'll see ya next weekend!

Love always,
Calista xx

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