#HitzEscape: Kaamatan Fever!

31 May 2016

It's the month of May, and for us Sabahans that means ARAMAITII!!

Yes, Kaamatan is here, so we're ready to celebrate the Harvest Festival the only way we know how: by turning the whole month into party month! What with beauty pageants, food, singing competitions, our own special brew, and lots of dancing, we know how to keep busy:
  • Unduk Ngadau: Queen of the Harvest is a yearly beauty pageant where winners of all different districts compete at the state-level competition. There are 42 districts, and contestants must be of Kadazandusun descent.
  • Food: Hinava, tuhau, sinalau bakas, bambangan, nasi bukit... These are only a few examples of yummy local Kadazan food - I personally wouldn't try butod though! =P
  • Sugandoi: The contestants usually dress in Kadazandusun or Murut costume, which is counted as part of the score, and sing popular Kadazandusun songs. The winner is then invited to perform in the district Kaamatan celebrations.
  • Tapai: Sabah's own special brew will send you to la-la land quicker than you think! Although colourless, fragrant and light-tasting, don't be fooled - it can be quite strong! It's usually served in a big jar, and passed around so everyone can take a sip from the bamboo straw.
  • Dancing: Traditional dances such as the sumazau and magunatip are mesmerising! The graceful Sumazau is the traditional folkdance of the Kadazandusuns, while the agility-based dance of Sabah's Murut tribe, Magunatip, which literally means "clipping" is a well-loved bamboo dance in which the dancers must avoid being "clipped" by the bamboo sticks by having a good sense of timing and rhythm. Missing a beat is painful, literally! Check out a not-so-great example of Sumazau HERE.
And where can you experience all of this? KDCA of course! The Hongkod Koisaan (Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association) is where the district Kaamatan celebrations are held and it's the biggest fusion of traditional and modern you'll ever experience! If you've never experienced Kaamatan, I highly recommend you to put this on your bucket list! 

Kaamatan is celebrated in Sabah, Malaysia every year on 30th & 31st of May. 

What are your Kaamatan tips? Drop me comment! 
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Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan!

Love always,
Calista xx

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