#hitzEscape: Euro 2016 Champions - Portugal!

22 July 2016

How can we not wanna escape to the home of the champions of Euro 2016? If you're lucky enough to make a trip, you might wanna read on:

Portugal has 4 seasons - it can get pretty nippy in the winter, but in summer, the temperature could climb to be hotter than in Malaysia! Best time to travel? Probably spring / autumn.
Lisbon (Photo credits: Cunardline)
Lisbon is the capital, its history of the stunning architecture draws in the crowd, but the second biggest city is Porto, which is one of the oldest cities in Europe and a city of music and the arts!
Festa Dos Tabuleiros
The Portuguese can be quite a serious people (even casual outfits are usually smart casual), but almost all their festivals are music or arts related.

Arroz de Tamboril com Gambas Photo Credits
Fish, dessert and Spanish rice are faves when it comes to Portuguese food; but their dishes are as hard to pronounce as their football players' names! Also, unlike in Asia, they eat their rice with a fork. 

Portugal is... the oldest country in Europe.
They have... the oldest bookstore in the world.
They are home to one of... the world's oldest universities.
Portugal and England have... the oldest political alliance in the world
First colonial power... to abolish slavery

Wanna be a champion? Let's plan a Euro trip! =P
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  1. I always wanted to visit Portugal to experience their food n culture... let's go for an Euro trip! :D