Going On Adventures with Casio EXILIM FR100

19 August 2016

I've always wanted an action cam, but never got round to really checking them out. So when I was given the opportunity to review the new Casio Exilim FR100, I was over the moon! Excited to see what it can do, I started planning a bunch of adventures - only to find, life gets in the way lol. But that's a story for another post; this one, well I'm going to tell you everything I have experienced with this action + selfie cam so far.
Let's get the nitty gritty out of the way: The Casio EX-FR100 is an outdoors camera with a detachable LCD screen.
The screen can be folded over, or detached completely.
This makes it so much easier to take selfie shots and those hard-to-handle spots: you can know exactly what the shot is going to look like before you click the shutter, and you can place the lens in weird places just to get that amazing shot!
Selfie taken with FR100
Speaking of the shutter, there are two capture buttons: One on the lens and one on the screen - super convenient! To separate the two, just use the release button on the side of the LCD (I got a bit confused about this at first, so it's good to take note).
Tagal Tinopikon River.
The FR100 is waterproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof; basically everything an action camera needs to be. I was pretty sceptical about the waterproof part at first, because how does a camera with usb charging ports on the side not get waterlogged?? I still don't know, but it works, and supposedly can go up to 1.5m deep for 60 minutes. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to verify this yet though.
Before unboxing
The screen connects to the lens via bluetooth, and you can connect the camera to your phone via wifi (and the Casio app), which means you can upload on the go! Just download the Exilim app and you can even edit those photos before putting them online.
It's great for work - when I need to upload things asap!
Another thing I love about the Casio EX-FR100 is the sound quality - it's really good; it can pick up our voices clearly even when the camera is held quite far away, and even up in the sky! I took it with me when I went paragliding for the very first time...

The FR100 is also super lightweight at only 76g, and even my instructor was impressed as it was so much easier to hold up in the air for about half an hour haha. The 16mm wide angle lens was perfect for capturing the whole experience, completely filmed above! My only regret is that I have no photos while I was gliding =/

Although the paragliding vlog came out amazing, for some reason my Lancome vlog didn't turn out as clear as I wanted. Gotta figure out what went wrong before my next one, but I'm guessing it's a lighting problem:

The fact that it comes with so many optional accessories is the cherry on top. You can a special monopod to attach the screen a little lower, 

Casio Exilim FR100 wish list: 
1. Camera case/pouch (Or if anyone knows of a better one)
2. Ring light
3. Underwater case - for diving trips!

Overall, I'm very happy with the FR100, and can't wait to take it on more adventures! Since starting my new job I haven't had nearly as much selfie time, but maybe that will change soon =P The FR100 is great for travelling, as it's lightweight, versatile, and basically a 2-in-1. The only problem I've had with it so far is the battery life, as it seems to drain fast when taking videos. Also, having to charge both lens and screen separately can be a bit of a hassle, but expected since they are detachable. A small tip is to power off from the lens, as that will automatically turn off the screen as well. 

Price: RM2149

Love always,
Calista xx 

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